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April 2019 - Volume 160 - Issue 4
pp: 757-986

Flunarizine as prophylaxis for episodic migraine: a systematic review with meta-analysis

Stubberud, Anker; Flaaen, Nikolai Melseth; McCrory, Douglas C.; More

PAIN. 160(4):762-772, April 2019.

Conditioned pain modulation in rodents can feature hyperalgesia or hypoalgesia depending on test stimulus intensity

Tansley, Shannon N.; Macintyre, Leigh C.; Diamond, Laura; More

PAIN. 160(4):784-792, April 2019.

Translating peripheral bladder afferent mechanosensitivity to neuronal activation within the lumbosacral spinal cord of mice

Grundy, Luke; Harrington, Andrea M.; Caldwell, Ashlee; More

PAIN. 160(4):793-804, April 2019.

Selective optogenetic inhibition of medial prefrontal glutamatergic neurons reverses working memory deficits induced by neuropathic pain

Cardoso-Cruz, Helder; Paiva, Pedro; Monteiro, Clara; More

PAIN. 160(4):805-823, April 2019.

Kappa opioid signaling in the central nucleus of the amygdala promotes disinhibition and aversiveness of chronic neuropathic pain

Navratilova, Edita; Ji, Guangchen; Phelps, Caroline; More

PAIN. 160(4):824-832, April 2019.

The relationship between catastrophizing and altered pain sensitivity in patients with chronic low-back pain

Meints, Samantha M.; Mawla, Ishtiaq; Napadow, Vitaly; More

PAIN. 160(4):833-843, April 2019.

Medicine use during acute and chronic postinjury periods in whiplash-injured individuals

Ritchie, Carrie; Hollingworth, Samantha A.; Warren, Jacelle; More

PAIN. 160(4):844-851, April 2019.

A complete national cohort study of prescriptions of analgesics and benzodiazepines to cancer survivors in Norway 10 years after diagnosis

Fredheim, Olav Magnus; Skurtveit, Svetlana; Handal, Marte; More

PAIN. 160(4):852-859, April 2019.

An experimental randomized study on the analgesic effects of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis in chronic pain patients with fibromyalgia

van de Donk, Tine; Niesters, Marieke; Kowal, Mikael A.; More

PAIN. 160(4):860-869, April 2019.

Voluntary wheel running reveals sex-specific nociceptive factors in murine experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Mifflin, Katherine A.; Yousuf, Muhammad S.; Thorburn, Kevin C.; More

PAIN. 160(4):870-881, April 2019.

Somatosensory profiles in acute herpes zoster and predictors of postherpetic neuralgia

Kramer, Sybille; Baeumler, Petra; Geber, Christian; More

PAIN. 160(4):882-894, April 2019.

Contribution of synovial macrophages to rat advanced osteoarthritis pain resistant to cyclooxygenase inhibitors

Sakurai, Yusuke; Fujita, Masahide; Kawasaki, Shiori; More

PAIN. 160(4):895-907, April 2019.

Clustering a large Spanish sample of patients with fibromyalgia using the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire–Revised: differences in clinical outcomes, economic costs, inflammatory markers, and gray matter volumes

Pérez-Aranda, Adrián; Andrés-Rodríguez, Laura; Feliu-Soler, Albert; More

PAIN. 160(4):908-921, April 2019.

Tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 inhibition is therapeutic for neuropathic pain in males but not in females

del Rivero, Tania; Fischer, Roman; Yang, Fan; More

PAIN. 160(4):922-931, April 2019.

Genetic pathway analysis reveals a major role for extracellular matrix organization in inflammatory and neuropathic pain

Parisien, Marc; Samoshkin, Alexander; Tansley, Shannon N.; More

PAIN. 160(4):932-944, April 2019.

A multicenter randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of intradiscal methylene blue injection for chronic discogenic low back pain: the IMBI study

Kallewaard, Jan Willem; Wintraecken, Veerle M.; Geurts, José W.; More

PAIN. 160(4):945-953, April 2019.

The paracetamol metabolite N-acetylp-benzoquinone imine reduces excitability in first- and second-order neurons of the pain pathway through actions on KV7 channels

Ray, Sutirtha; Salzer, Isabella; Kronschläger, Mira T.; More

PAIN. 160(4):954-964, April 2019.

Role of anxiety in young children's pain memory development after surgery

Fischer, Shanaya; Vinall, Jillian; Pavlova, Maria; More

PAIN. 160(4):965-972, April 2019.

Functional and neurochemical disruptions of brain hub topology in chronic pain

Kaplan, Chelsea M.; Schrepf, Andrew; Vatansever, Deniz; More

PAIN. 160(4):973-983, April 2019.


Perenboom, Matthijs J.L.; Zamanipoor Najafabadi, Amir H.; Zielman, Ronald; More

PAIN. 160(4):985, April 2019.