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March 2019 - Volume 160 - Issue 3
pp: 529-755

Machine learning–based prediction of clinical pain using multimodal neuroimaging and autonomic metrics

Lee, Jeungchan; Mawla, Ishtiaq; Kim, Jieun; More

PAIN. 160(3):550-560, March 2019.

CACNG2 polymorphisms associate with chronic pain after mastectomy

Bortsov, Andrey V.; Devor, Marshall; Kaunisto, Mari A.; More

PAIN. 160(3):561-568, March 2019.

The migraine eye: distinct rod-driven retinal pathways' response to dim light challenges the visual cortex hyperexcitability theory

Bernstein, Carolyn A.; Nir, Rony-Reuven; Noseda, Rodrigo; More

PAIN. 160(3):569-578, March 2019.

Genome-wide association reveals contribution of MRAS to painful temporomandibular disorder in males

Smith, Shad B.; Parisien, Marc; Bair, Eric; More

PAIN. 160(3):579-591, March 2019.

Longitudinal pattern of pain medication utilization in peripheral neuropathy patients

Callaghan, Brian C.; Reynolds, Evan; Banerjee, Mousumi; More

PAIN. 160(3):592-599, March 2019.

Preferred self-administered questionnaires to assess fear of movement, coping, self-efficacy, and catastrophizing in patients with musculoskeletal pain—A modified Delphi study

Sleijser-Koehorst, Marije L.S.; Bijker, Lisette; Cuijpers, Pim; More

PAIN. 160(3):600-606, March 2019.

Distinct functions of soluble guanylyl cyclase isoforms NO-GC1 and NO-GC2 in inflammatory and neuropathic pain processing

Petersen, Jonas; Mergia, Evanthia; Kennel, Lea; More

PAIN. 160(3):607-618, March 2019.

Decitabine attenuates nociceptive behavior in a murine model of bone cancer pain

Appel, Camilla Kristine; Scheff, Nicole Newell; Viet, Chi Tonglien; More

PAIN. 160(3):619-631, March 2019.

Manual therapy prevents onset of nociceptor activity, sensorimotor dysfunction, and neural fibrosis induced by a volitional repetitive task

Bove, Geoffrey M.; Delany, Sean P.; Hobson, Lucas; More

PAIN. 160(3):632-644, March 2019.

Neonatal vincristine administration modulates intrinsic neuronal excitability in the rat dorsal root ganglion and spinal dorsal horn during adolescence

Schappacher, Katie A.; Xie, Wenrui; Zhang, Jun-Ming; More

PAIN. 160(3):645-657, March 2019.

The impact of anxiety on chronic musculoskeletal pain and the role of astrocyte activation

Burston, James J.; Valdes, Ana M.; Woodhams, Stephen G.; More

PAIN. 160(3):658-669, March 2019.

Obesity increases the risk of chronic pain development after motor vehicle collision

Mauck, Matthew C.; Hu, JunMei; Sefton, Christopher; More

PAIN. 160(3):670-675, March 2019.

The association between endogenous opioid function and morphine responsiveness: a moderating role for endocannabinoids

Bruehl, Stephen; Burns, John W.; Morgan, Amanda; More

PAIN. 160(3):676-687, March 2019.

Pioglitazone, a PPARγ agonist, reduces cisplatin-evoked neuropathic pain by protecting against oxidative stress

Khasabova, Iryna A.; Khasabov, Sergey G.; Olson, Julie K.; More

PAIN. 160(3):688-701, March 2019.

Mechanisms underlying mechanical sensitization induced by complement C5a: the roles of macrophages, TRPV1, and calcitonin gene-related peptide receptors

Warwick, Charles A.; Shutov, Leonid P.; Shepherd, Andrew J.; More

PAIN. 160(3):702-711, March 2019.

Islet-cell autoantigen 69 mediates the antihyperalgesic effects of electroacupuncture on inflammatory pain by regulating spinal glutamate receptor subunit 2 phosphorylation through protein interacting with C-kinase 1 in mice

Han, Kunyuan; Zhang, Anqi; Mo, Yunchang; More

PAIN. 160(3):712-723, March 2019.

Whole-brain structural magnetic resonance imaging–based classification of primary dysmenorrhea in pain-free phase: a machine learning study

Chen, Tao; Mu, Junya; Xue, Qianwen; More

PAIN. 160(3):734-741, March 2019.

Pain assessment in advanced dementia. Validity of the German PAINAD—a prospective double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial

Lukas, Albert; Hagg-Grün, Ulrich; Mayer, Benjamin; More

PAIN. 160(3):742-753, March 2019.