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February 2019 - Volume 160 - Issue 2
pp: 279-527

Dual enkephalinase inhibitor PL265: a novel topical treatment to alleviate corneal pain and inflammation

Reaux-Le Goazigo, Annabelle; Poras, Hervé; Ben-Dhaou, Cyrine; More

PAIN. 160(2):307-321, February 2019.

Parental emotion and pain control behaviour when faced with child's pain: the emotion regulatory role of parental pain-related attention-set shifting and heart rate variability

Vervoort, Tine; Karos, Kai; Johnson, Dan; More

PAIN. 160(2):322-333, February 2019.

Dopamine receptor D2, but not D1, mediates descending dopaminergic pathway–produced analgesic effect in a trigeminal neuropathic pain mouse model

Liu, Sufang; Tang, Yuanyuan; Shu, Hui; More

PAIN. 160(2):334-344, February 2019.

Acquisition of analgesic properties by the cholecystokinin (CCK)/CCK2 receptor system within the amygdala in a persistent inflammatory pain condition

Roca-Lapirot, Olivier; Fossat, Pascal; Ma, Sherie; More

PAIN. 160(2):345-357, February 2019.

Increased pain sensitivity and decreased opioid analgesia in T-cell-deficient mice and implications for sex differences

Rosen, Sarah F.; Ham, Boram; Haichin, Michael; More

PAIN. 160(2):358-366, February 2019.

PRISM: a brief screening tool to identify risk in parents of youth with chronic pain

Simons, Laura E.; Lewandowski Holley, Amy; Phelps, Emily; More

PAIN. 160(2):367-374, February 2019.

Contribution of dorsal root ganglion octamer transcription factor 1 to neuropathic pain after peripheral nerve injury

Yuan, Jingjing; Wen, Jing; Wu, Shaogen; More

PAIN. 160(2):375-384, February 2019.

Divergent influences of the locus coeruleus on migraine pathophysiology

Vila-Pueyo, Marta; Strother, Lauren C; Kefel, Malak; More

PAIN. 160(2):385-394, February 2019.

Perceptions of gendered and ungendered pain relief norms and stereotypes using Q-methodology

Wratten, Samantha; Eccleston, Christopher; Keogh, Edmund

PAIN. 160(2):395-406, February 2019.

Children and adolescents with sickle cell disease have worse cold and mechanical hypersensitivity during acute painful events

Brandow, Amanda M.; Hansen, Karla; Nugent, Melodee; More

PAIN. 160(2):407-416, February 2019.

Incident opioid use and risk of hip fracture among persons with Alzheimer disease: a nationwide matched cohort study

Taipale, Heidi; Hamina, Aleksi; Karttunen, Niina; More

PAIN. 160(2):417-423, February 2019.

The association between multiple sclerosis and pain medications

Burkill, Sarah; Montgomery, Scott; Kockum, Ingrid; More

PAIN. 160(2):424-432, February 2019.

Long-term outcomes of adolescents with juvenile-onset fibromyalgia into adulthood and impact of depressive symptoms on functioning over time

Kashikar-Zuck, Susmita; Cunningham, Natoshia; Peugh, James; More

PAIN. 160(2):433-441, February 2019.

Morphological and functional properties distinguish the substance P and gastrin-releasing peptide subsets of excitatory interneuron in the spinal cord dorsal horn

Dickie, Allen C.; Bell, Andrew M.; Iwagaki, Noboru; More

PAIN. 160(2):442-462, February 2019.

Comprehensive analysis of long noncoding RNA expression in dorsal root ganglion reveals cell-type specificity and dysregulation after nerve injury

Baskozos, Georgios; Dawes, John M.; Austin, Jean S.; More

PAIN. 160(2):463-485, February 2019.

Mechanistic pain profiling as a tool to predict the efficacy of 3-week nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs plus paracetamol in patients with painful knee osteoarthritis

Petersen, Kristian Kjær; Olesen, Anne Estrup; Simonsen, Ole; More

PAIN. 160(2):486-492, February 2019.

Behavioural discrimination of noxious stimuli in infants is dependent on brain maturation

Green, Gabrielle; Hartley, Caroline; Hoskin, Amy; More

PAIN. 160(2):493-500, February 2019.

What is the effect of alcohol consumption on the risk of chronic widespread pain? A Mendelian randomisation study using UK Biobank

Beasley, Marcus; Freidin, Maxim B.; Basu, Neil; More

PAIN. 160(2):501-507, February 2019.

Vti1b promotes TRPV1 sensitization during inflammatory pain

Sondermann, Julia R.; Barry, Allison M.; Jahn, Olaf; More

PAIN. 160(2):508-527, February 2019.