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December 2018 - Volume 159 - Issue 12
pp: 2419-2684

Neural mechanisms supporting the relationship between dispositional mindfulness and pain

Zeidan, Fadel; Salomons, Tim; Farris, Suzan R.; More

PAIN. 159(12):2477-2485, December 2018.

Left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation reduces the development of long-term muscle pain

Seminowicz, David A.; de Martino, Enrico; Schabrun, Siobhan M.; More

PAIN. 159(12):2486-2492, December 2018.

Experimental muscle hyperalgesia modulates sensorimotor cortical excitability, which is partially altered by unaccustomed exercise

De Martino, Enrico; Zandalasini, Matteo; Schabrun, Siobhan; More

PAIN. 159(12):2493-2502, December 2018.

Moment-to-moment changes in perceived social support and pain for men living with HIV: an experience sampling study

Crockett, Kaylee B.; Turan, Bulent

PAIN. 159(12):2503-2511, December 2018.

Morphine effects within the rodent anterior cingulate cortex and rostral ventromedial medulla reveal separable modulation of affective and sensory qualities of acute or chronic pain

Gomtsian, Lusine; Bannister, Kirsty; Eyde, Nathan; More

PAIN. 159(12):2512-2521, December 2018.

Patterns of pain-related activity: replicability, treatment-related changes, and relationship to functioning

Cane, Douglas; Nielson, Warren R.; Mazmanian, Dwight

PAIN. 159(12):2522-2529, December 2018.

Young females with long-standing patellofemoral pain display impaired conditioned pain modulation, increased temporal summation of pain, and widespread hyperalgesia

Holden, Sinéad; Straszek, Christian Lund; Rathleff, Michael Skovdal; More

PAIN. 159(12):2530-2537, December 2018.

Neuroprotective effect of angiotensin II type 2 receptor stimulation in vincristine-induced mechanical allodynia

Bessaguet, Flavien; Danigo, Aurore; Bouchenaki, Hichem; More

PAIN. 159(12):2538-2546, December 2018.

Functional brain activity during motor control and pain processing in chronic jaw pain

Roy, Arnab; Wang, Wei-en; Ho, Rachel L.M.; More

PAIN. 159(12):2547-2564, December 2018.

Multi-OMICS analyses of frailty and chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain suggest involvement of shared neurological pathways

Livshits, Gregory; Malkin, Ida; Bowyer, Ruth C.E.; More

PAIN. 159(12):2565-2572, December 2018.

Tetrodotoxin-sensitive voltage-gated sodium channels regulate bladder afferent responses to distension

Grundy, Luke; Erickson, Andelain; Caldwell, Ashlee; More

PAIN. 159(12):2573-2584, December 2018.

The opioid receptor mu 1 (OPRM1) rs1799971 and catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) rs4680 as genetic markers for placebo analgesia

Aslaksen, Per M.; Forsberg, June T.; Gjerstad, Johannes

PAIN. 159(12):2585-2592, December 2018.

Quality indicators to assess quality of pain clinic care from the perspective of patients with chronic pain: development, usability, comprehensibility, and psychometric quality of the QiPPP questionnaire

de Meij, Nelleke; Köke, Albère; Thomassen, Ilona; More

PAIN. 159(12):2593-2605, December 2018.

The onset of treatment with the antidepressant desipramine is critical for the emotional consequences of neuropathic pain

Alba-Delgado, Cristina; Llorca-Torralba, Meritxell; Mico, Juan Antonio; More

PAIN. 159(12):2606-2619, December 2018.

Inhibition of spinal 15-LOX-1 attenuates TLR4-dependent, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug–unresponsive hyperalgesia in male rats

Gregus, Ann M.; Buczynski, Matthew W.; Dumlao, Darren S.; More

PAIN. 159(12):2620-2629, December 2018.

Pharmacological rescue of nociceptive hypersensitivity and oxytocin analgesia impairment in a rat model of neonatal maternal separation

Melchior, Meggane; Juif, Pierre-Eric; Gazzo, Géraldine; More

PAIN. 159(12):2630-2640, December 2018.

Interactive effects of conditioned pain modulation and temporal summation of pain—the role of stimulus modality

Horn-Hofmann, Claudia; Kunz, Miriam; Madden, Melanie; More

PAIN. 159(12):2641-2648, December 2018.

Comparison of masseter muscle referred sensations after mechanical and glutamate stimulation: a randomized, double-blind, controlled, cross-over study

Exposto, Fernando G.; Udagawa, Gen; Naganawa, Takuya; More

PAIN. 159(12):2649-2657, December 2018.

A cross-sectional study investigating frequency and features of definitely diagnosed diabetic painful polyneuropathy

Truini, Andrea; Spallone, Vincenza; Morganti, Roberto; More

PAIN. 159(12):2658-2666, December 2018.

Do patients with interictal migraine modulate pain differently from healthy controls? A psychophysical and brain imaging study

Kisler, Lee B.; Granovsky, Yelena; Coghill, Robert C.; More

PAIN. 159(12):2667-2677, December 2018.