October 2018 - Volume 159 - Issue 10 : PAIN

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October 2018 - Volume 159 - Issue 10
pp: 1905-2136

Should thoracic paravertebral blocks be used to prevent chronic postsurgical pain after breast cancer surgery? A systematic analysis of evidence in light of IMMPACT recommendations

Hussain, Nasir; Shastri, Uma; McCartney, Colin J.L.; More

PAIN. 159(10):1955-1971, October 2018.

Pressure-induced referred pain areas are more expansive in individuals with a recovered fracture

Doménech-García, Víctor; Skuli Palsson, Thorvaldur; Boudreau, Shellie Ann; More

PAIN. 159(10):1972-1979, October 2018.

Trigeminal ganglion transcriptome analysis in 2 rat models of medication-overuse headache reveals coherent and widespread induction of pronociceptive gene expression patterns

Buonvicino, Daniela; Urru, Matteo; Muzzi, Mirko; More

PAIN. 159(10):1980-1988, October 2018.

Psychophysical and vasomotor evidence for interdependency of TRPA1 and TRPV1-evoked nociceptive responses in human skin: an experimental study

Nielsen, Thomas Arendt; Eriksen, Matilde Alida; Gazerani, Parisa; More

PAIN. 159(10):1989-2001, October 2018.

Sensory sensitivity and symptom severity represent unique dimensions of chronic pain: a MAPP Research Network study

Schrepf, Andrew; Williams, David A.; Gallop, Robert; More

PAIN. 159(10):2002-2011, October 2018.

Pain processing in the human brainstem and spinal cord before, during, and after the application of noxious heat stimuli

Stroman, Patrick W.; Ioachim, Gabriela; Powers, Jocelyn M.; More

PAIN. 159(10):2012-2020, October 2018.

Dermal nerve fibre and mast cell density, and proximity of mast cells to nerve fibres in the skin of patients with complex regional pain syndrome

Morellini, Natalie; Finch, Philip M.; Goebel, Andreas; More

PAIN. 159(10):2021-2029, October 2018.

Color-selective photophobia in ictal vs interictal migraineurs and in healthy controls

Nir, Rony-Reuven; Lee, Alice J.; Huntington, Shaelah; More

PAIN. 159(10):2030-2034, October 2018.

Cultural influences on parental responses to children's pain

Kristjansdottir, Olof; McGrath, Patrick J.; Finley, G. Allen; More

PAIN. 159(10):2035-2049, October 2018.

Racial differences in opioid prescribing for children in the United States

Groenewald, Cornelius B.; Rabbitts, Jennifer A.; Hansen, Elizabeth E.; More

PAIN. 159(10):2050-2057, October 2018.

Dynamic sodium imaging at ultra-high field reveals progression in a preclinical migraine model

Abad, Nastaren; Rosenberg, Jens T.; Hike, David C.; More

PAIN. 159(10):2058-2065, October 2018.

Mixed-methods development of a new patient-reported outcome instrument for chronic low back pain: part 2—The Patient Assessment for Low Back Pain–Impacts (PAL-I)

Bushnell, Donald M.; Blum, Steven I.; Liedgens, Hiltrud; More

PAIN. 159(10):2066-2075, October 2018.

Multivariate pattern classification of brain white matter connectivity predicts classic trigeminal neuralgia

Zhong, Jidan; Chen, David Qixiang; Hung, Peter Shih-Ping; More

PAIN. 159(10):2076-2087, October 2018.

Patterns of recovery from pain after cesarean delivery

Booth, Jessica L.; Sharpe, Emily E.; Houle, Timothy T.; More

PAIN. 159(10):2088-2096, October 2018.

Changes in pain intensity after discontinuation of long-term opioid therapy for chronic noncancer pain

McPherson, Sterling; Lederhos Smith, Crystal; Dobscha, Steven K.; More

PAIN. 159(10):2097-2104, October 2018.

Long-term pain relief in canine osteoarthritis by a single intra-articular injection of resiniferatoxin, a potent TRPV1 agonist

Iadarola, Michael J.; Sapio, Matthew R.; Raithel, Stephen J.; More

PAIN. 159(10):2105-2114, October 2018.

Inhibition of the Ubc9 E2 SUMO-conjugating enzyme–CRMP2 interaction decreases NaV1.7 currents and reverses experimental neuropathic pain

François-Moutal, Liberty; Dustrude, Erik T.; Wang, Yue; More

PAIN. 159(10):2115-2127, October 2018.

What do clinicians consider when assessing chronic low back pain? A content analysis of multidisciplinary pain centre team assessments of functioning, disability, and health

Bagraith, Karl S.; Strong, Jenny; Meredith, Pamela J.; More

PAIN. 159(10):2128-2136, October 2018.