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August 2018 - Volume 159 - Issue 8
pp: 1431-1673

Early workplace dialogue in physiotherapy practice improved work ability at 1-year follow-up—WorkUp, a randomised controlled trial in primary care

Sennehed, Charlotte P.; Holmberg, Sara; Axén, Iben; More

PAIN. 159(8):1456-1464, August 2018.

Efficacy of the Nav1.7 blocker PF-05089771 in a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study in subjects with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy

McDonnell, Aoibhinn; Collins, Susie; Ali, Zahid; More

PAIN. 159(8):1465-1476, August 2018.

Associations between onset of effort-reward imbalance at work and onset of musculoskeletal pain: analyzing observational longitudinal data as pseudo-trials

Halonen, Jaana I.; Virtanen, Marianna; Leineweber, Constanze; More

PAIN. 159(8):1477-1483, August 2018.

Altered prefrontal correlates of monetary anticipation and outcome in chronic pain

Martucci, Katherine T.; Borg, Nicholas; MacNiven, Kelly H.; More

PAIN. 159(8):1494-1507, August 2018.

Comparison of the psychometric properties of 3 pain scales used in the pediatric emergency department: Visual Analogue Scale, Faces Pain Scale-Revised, and Colour Analogue Scale

Le May, Sylvie; Ballard, Ariane; Khadra, Christelle; More

PAIN. 159(8):1508-1517, August 2018.

Cognitive impairment in a rat model of neuropathic pain: role of hippocampal microtubule stability

You, Zerong; Zhang, Shuzhuo; Shen, Shiqian; More

PAIN. 159(8):1518-1528, August 2018.

Sources of opioid medication for misuse in older adults: results from a nationally representative survey

Schepis, Ty S.; McCabe, Sean Esteban; Teter, Christian J.

PAIN. 159(8):1543-1549, August 2018.

Neural pathways in medial septal cholinergic modulation of chronic pain: distinct contribution of the anterior cingulate cortex and ventral hippocampus

Jiang, Ying-Ying; Shao, Shan; Zhang, Yu; More

PAIN. 159(8):1550-1561, August 2018.

Clinical indications associated with opioid initiation for pain management in Ontario, Canada: a population-based cohort study

Pasricha, Sachin V.; Tadrous, Mina; Khuu, Wayne; More

PAIN. 159(8):1562-1568, August 2018.

Dyadic analysis of siblings' relationship quality, behavioural responses, and pain experiences during experimental pain

Schinkel, Meghan G.; Chambers, Christine T.; Corkum, Penny; More

PAIN. 159(8):1569-1579, August 2018.

Downregulation of adenosine and adenosine A1 receptor contributes to neuropathic pain in resiniferatoxin neuropathy

Kan, Hung-Wei; Chang, Chin-Hong; Lin, Chih-Lung; More

PAIN. 159(8):1580-1591, August 2018.

Cortical astrocytes prime the induction of spine plasticity and mirror image pain

Ishikawa, Tatsuya; Eto, Kei; Kim, Sun Kwang; More

PAIN. 159(8):1592-1606, August 2018.

Mu-opioid receptors in nociceptive afferents produce a sustained suppression of hyperalgesia in chronic pain

Severino, Amie; Chen, Wenling; Hakimian, Joshua K.; More

PAIN. 159(8):1607-1620, August 2018.

Patients with chronic pain exhibit a complex relationship triad between pain, resilience, and within- and cross-network functional connectivity of the default mode network

Hemington, Kasey S.; Rogachov, Anton; Cheng, Joshua C.; More

PAIN. 159(8):1621-1630, August 2018.

Development of pain in older adults: a latent class analysis of biopsychosocial risk factors

O'Neill, Aoife; O'Sullivan, Kieran; O'Keeffe, Mary; More

PAIN. 159(8):1631-1640, August 2018.

Mice lacking Kcns1 in peripheral neurons show increased basal and neuropathic pain sensitivity

Tsantoulas, Christoforos; Denk, Franziska; Signore, Massimo; More

PAIN. 159(8):1641-1651, August 2018.

Chemokine (c-c motif) receptor 2 mediates mechanical and cold hypersensitivity in sickle cell disease mice

Sadler, Katelyn E.; Zappia, Katherine J.; O'Hara, Crystal L.; More

PAIN. 159(8):1652-1663, August 2018.

Interleukin-6 trans-signaling and pathological low back pain in patients with Paget disease of bone

Rendina, Domenico; De Filippo, Gianpaolo; Postiglione, Loredana; More

PAIN. 159(8):1664-1673, August 2018.