June 2018 - Volume 159 - Issue 6 : PAIN

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June 2018 - Volume 159 - Issue 6
pp: 1001-1180

Heterozygous mutations in GTP-cyclohydrolase-1 reduce BH4 biosynthesis but not pain sensitivity

Nasser, Arafat; Møller, Anette Torvin; Hellmund, Vibe; More

PAIN. 159(6):1012-1024, June 2018.

Chemotherapy-induced pain is promoted by enhanced spinal adenosine kinase levels through astrocyte-dependent mechanisms

Wahlman, Carrie; Doyle, Timothy M.; Little, Joshua W.; More

PAIN. 159(6):1025-1034, June 2018.

Traits associated with central pain augmentation in the Knee Pain In the Community (KPIC) cohort

Akin-Akinyosoye, Kehinde; Frowd, Nadia; Marshall, Laura; More

PAIN. 159(6):1035-1044, June 2018.

Mixed-methods development of a new patient-reported outcome instrument for chronic low back pain: part 1—the Patient Assessment for Low Back Pain - Symptoms (PAL-S)

Martin, Mona L.; Blum, Steven I.; Liedgens, Hiltrud; More

PAIN. 159(6):1045-1055, June 2018.

Racial differences in presentations and predictors of acute pain after motor vehicle collision

Beaudoin, Francesca L.; Gutman, Roee; Zhai, Wanting; More

PAIN. 159(6):1056-1063, June 2018.

Genetic variation in P2RX7 and pain tolerance

Kambur, Oleg; Kaunisto, Mari A.; Winsvold, Bendik S.; More

PAIN. 159(6):1064-1073, June 2018.

Monthly vitamin D supplementation, pain, and pattern of analgesic prescription: secondary analysis from the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Vitamin D Assessment study

Wu, Zhenqiang; Camargo, Carlos A. Jr; Malihi, Zarintaj; More

PAIN. 159(6):1074-1082, June 2018.

Injustice perceptions about pain: parent–child discordance is associated with worse functional outcomes

Miller, Megan M.; Wuest, David; Williams, Amy E.; More

PAIN. 159(6):1083-1089, June 2018.

Pathophysiological mechanisms of neuropathic pain: comparison of sensory phenotypes in patients and human surrogate pain models

Vollert, Jan; Magerl, Walter; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN. 159(6):1090-1102, June 2018.

Dyadic differences in friendships of adolescents with chronic pain compared with pain-free peers

Forgeron, Paula A.; Chambers, Christine T.; Cohen, Janice; More

PAIN. 159(6):1103-1111, June 2018.

Task interference and distraction efficacy in patients with fibromyalgia: an experimental investigation

Van Ryckeghem, Dimitri M.L.; Rost, Silke; Kissi, Ama; More

PAIN. 159(6):1119-1126, June 2018.

Effectiveness of a healthy lifestyle intervention for chronic low back pain: a randomised controlled trial

Williams, Amanda; Wiggers, John; O'Brien, Kate M.; More

PAIN. 159(6):1137-1146, June 2018.

Use of prescription opioids before and after an operation for chronic pain (lumbar fusion surgery)

Deyo, Richard A.; Hallvik, Sara E.; Hildebran, Christi; More

PAIN. 159(6):1147-1154, June 2018.

Evaluation of different drug classes on transient sciatic nerve injury–depressed marble burying in mice

Wilkerson, Jenny L.; Curry, Zachary A.; Kinlow, Pamela D.; More

PAIN. 159(6):1155-1165, June 2018.

Repeated touch and needle-prick stimulation in the neonatal period increases the baseline mechanical sensitivity and postinjury hypersensitivity of adult spinal sensory neurons

van den Hoogen, Nynke J.; Patijn, Jacob; Tibboel, Dick; More

PAIN. 159(6):1166-1175, June 2018.


Kosek, Eva; Cohen, Milton; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN. 159(6):1177-1178, June 2018.


Van Damme, Stefaan; van der Linden, Dimitri; Becker, Susanne

PAIN. 159(6):1179-1180, June 2018.