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March 2018 - Volume 159 - Issue 3
pp: 405-617

Nerve growth factor locally sensitizes nociceptors in human skin

Obreja, Otilia; Rukwied, Roman; Nagler, Lorenz; More

PAIN. 159(3):416-426, March 2018.

Tactile acuity (dys)function in acute nociceptive low back pain: a double-blind experiment

Adamczyk, Waclaw M.; Saulicz, Oskar; Saulicz, Edward; More

PAIN. 159(3):427-436, March 2018.

Interleukin-4 mediates the analgesia produced by low-intensity exercise in mice with neuropathic pain

Bobinski, Franciane; Teixeira, Juliana Maia; Sluka, Kathleen Anne; More

PAIN. 159(3):437-450, March 2018.

Relationship between concomitant benzodiazepine-opioid use and adverse outcomes among US veterans

Gressler, Laura E.; Martin, Bradley C.; Hudson, Teresa J.; More

PAIN. 159(3):451-459, March 2018.

Association between pain and sexual health in older people: results from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

Wade, Katie; Wu, Frederick C.W.; O'Neill, Terence W.; More

PAIN. 159(3):460-468, March 2018.

Rare NaV1.7 variants associated with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Blesneac, Iulia; Themistocleous, Andreas C.; Fratter, Carl; More

PAIN. 159(3):469-480, March 2018.

Core outcome measurement instruments for clinical trials in nonspecific low back pain

Chiarotto, Alessandro; Boers, Maarten; Deyo, Richard A.; More

PAIN. 159(3):481-495, March 2018.

NaV1.7 and pain: contribution of peripheral nerves

Hoffmann, Tal; Sharon, Ohad; Wittmann, Jürgen; More

PAIN. 159(3):496-506, March 2018.

Structural and functional abnormalities of the insular cortex in trigeminal neuralgia: a multimodal magnetic resonance imaging analysis

Wang, Yue; Zhang, Yuanchao; Zhang, Jinlei; More

PAIN. 159(3):507-514, March 2018.

Procedural pain and oral glucose in preterm neonates: brain development and sex-specific effects

Schneider, Juliane; Duerden, Emma G.; Guo, Ting; More

PAIN. 159(3):515-525, March 2018.

Histone deacetylase 5 (HDAC5) regulates neuropathic pain through SRY-related HMG-box 10 (SOX10)-dependent mechanism in mice

Gu, Pan; Pan, Zhiqiang; Wang, Xiao-Min; More

PAIN. 159(3):526-539, March 2018.

Induction of chronic migraine phenotypes in a rat model after environmental irritant exposure

Kunkler, Phillip Edward; Zhang, LuJuan; Johnson, Philip Lee; More

PAIN. 159(3):540-549, March 2018.

Central inhibition of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor is analgesic in experimental neuropathic pain

Nicol, Louise S.C.; Thornton, Peter; Hatcher, Jon P.; More

PAIN. 159(3):550-559, March 2018.

Can early oral prolonged-release oxycodone with or without naloxone reduce the duration of epidural analgesia after cystectomy? A 3-arm, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Schneider, Marc P.; Löffel, Lukas M.; Furrer, Marc A.; More

PAIN. 159(3):560-567, March 2018.

Genetic studies of human neuropathic pain conditions: a review

Zorina-Lichtenwalter, Katerina; Parisien, Marc; Diatchenko, Luda

PAIN. 159(3):583-594, March 2018.

Inflammation in the pathophysiology of neuropathic pain

Sommer, Claudia; Leinders, Mathias; Üçeyler, Nurcan

PAIN. 159(3):595-602, March 2018.