November 2017 - Volume 158 - Issue 11 : PAIN

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November 2017 - Volume 158 - Issue 11
pp: 2057-2278

Fully implantable, battery-free wireless optoelectronic devices for spinal optogenetics

Samineni, Vijay K.; Yoon, Jangyeol; Crawford, Kaitlyn E.; More

PAIN. 158(11):2108-2116, November 2017.

Peripheral oxytocin receptors inhibit the nociceptive input signal to spinal dorsal horn wide-dynamic-range neurons

González-Hernández, Abimael; Manzano-García, Alfredo; Martínez-Lorenzana, Guadalupe; More

PAIN. 158(11):2117-2128, November 2017.

Autonomic responses to tonic pain are more closely related to stimulus intensity than to pain intensity

Nickel, Moritz M.; May, Elisabeth S.; Tiemann, Laura; More

PAIN. 158(11):2129-2136, November 2017.

Reactive oxygen species affect spinal cell type-specific synaptic plasticity in a model of neuropathic pain

Bittar, Alice; Jun, Jaebeom; La, Jun-Ho; More

PAIN. 158(11):2137-2146, November 2017.

Day-to-day experience in resolution of pain after surgery

Houle, Timothy T.; Miller, Scott; Lang, Jason E.; More

PAIN. 158(11):2147-2154, November 2017.

Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 modulates the P2X2a receptor channel gating through phosphorylation of C-terminal threonine 372

Coddou, Claudio; Sandoval, Rodrigo; Castro, Patricio; More

PAIN. 158(11):2155-2168, November 2017.

Bulleyaconitine A preferably reduces tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium current in uninjured dorsal root ganglion neurons of neuropathic rats probably via inhibition of protein kinase C

Xie, Man-Xiu; Pang, Rui-Ping; Yang, Jie; More

PAIN. 158(11):2169-2180, November 2017.

Nervous system delivery of antilysophosphatidic acid antibody by nasal application attenuates mechanical allodynia after traumatic brain injury in rats

Eisenried, Andreas; Meidahl, Anders C.N.; Klukinov, Michael; More

PAIN. 158(11):2181-2188, November 2017.

Psychological interventions that target sleep reduce pain catastrophizing in knee osteoarthritis

Lerman, Sheera F.; Finan, Patrick H.; Smith, Michael T.; More

PAIN. 158(11):2189-2195, November 2017.

Role of neurturin in spontaneous itch and increased nonpeptidergic intraepidermal fiber density in a mouse model of psoriasis

Sakai, Kent; Sanders, Kristen M.; Youssef, Marina R.; More

PAIN. 158(11):2196-2202, November 2017.

Dissecting the role of the CRMP2–neurofibromin complex on pain behaviors

Moutal, Aubin; Wang, Yue; Yang, Xiaofang; More

PAIN. 158(11):2203-2221, November 2017.

Age-dependent plasticity in endocannabinoid modulation of pain processing through postnatal development

Kwok, Charlie H-T.; Devonshire, Ian M.; Imraish, Amer; More

PAIN. 158(11):2222-2232, November 2017.

Therapeutic potential for leukocyte elastase in chronic pain states harboring a neuropathic component

Bali, Kiran Kumar; Kuner, Rohini

PAIN. 158(11):2243-2258, November 2017.

Pain and itch outcome trajectories differ among European American and African American survivors of major thermal burn injury

Mauck, Matthew C.; Smith, Jennifer; Shupp, Jeffrey W.; More

PAIN. 158(11):2268-2276, November 2017.


Morley, Katherine I.; Ferris, Jason; Winstock, Adam R.; More

PAIN. 158(11):2277-2278, November 2017.