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October 2017 - Volume 158 - Issue 10
pp: 1845-2055

Persistent postoperative pain after cardiac surgery: a systematic review with meta-analysis regarding incidence and pain intensity

Guimarães-Pereira, Luís; Reis, Pedro; Abelha, Fernando; More

PAIN. 158(10):1869-1885, October 2017.

Child and parent pain catastrophizing and pain from presurgery to 6 weeks postsurgery: examination of cross-sectional and longitudinal actor-partner effects

Birnie, Kathryn A.; Chorney, Jill; El-Hawary, Ron; More

PAIN. 158(10):1886-1892, October 2017.

Placebo effects of a sham opioid solution: a randomized controlled study in patients with chronic low back pain

Klinger, Regine; Kothe, Ralph; Schmitz, Julia; More

PAIN. 158(10):1893-1902, October 2017.

Estrogens synthesized and acting within a spinal oligomer suppress spinal endomorphin 2 antinociception: ebb and flow over the rat reproductive cycle

Liu, Nai-Jiang; Murugaiyan, Vijaya; Storman, Emiliya M.; More

PAIN. 158(10):1903-1914, October 2017.

Why and when social support predicts older adults' pain-related disability: a longitudinal study

Matos, Marta; Bernardes, Sónia F.; Goubert, Liesbet

PAIN. 158(10):1915-1924, October 2017.

Visceral pain as a triggering factor for fibromyalgia symptoms in comorbid patients

Costantini, Raffaele; Affaitati, Giannapia; Wesselmann, Ursula; More

PAIN. 158(10):1925-1937, October 2017.

Nicotinic modulation of descending pain control circuitry

Umana, Iboro C.; Daniele, Claire A.; Miller, Brooke A.; More

PAIN. 158(10):1938-1950, October 2017.

Disrupted offset analgesia distinguishes patients with chronic pain from healthy controls

Kobinata, Hiroyuki; Ikeda, Eri; Zhang, Shuo; More

PAIN. 158(10):1951-1959, October 2017.

Contextual influences on pain communication in couples with and without a partner with chronic pain

Gagnon, Michelle M.; Hadjistavropoulos, Thomas; MacNab, Ying C.

PAIN. 158(10):1960-1970, October 2017.

Bidirectional association between fibromyalgia and gastroesophageal reflux disease: two population-based retrospective cohort analysis

Wang, Jia-Chi; Sung, Fung-Chang; Men, Mauranda; More

PAIN. 158(10):1971-1978, October 2017.

Brain signature and functional impact of centralized pain: a multidisciplinary approach to the study of chronic pelvic pain (MAPP) network study

Kutch, Jason J.; Ichesco, Eric; Hampson, Johnson P.; More

PAIN. 158(10):1979-1991, October 2017.

Longitudinal change in parent and child functioning after internet-delivered cognitive-behavioral therapy for chronic pain

Law, Emily F.; Fisher, Emma; Howard, Waylon J.; More

PAIN. 158(10):1992-2000, October 2017.

Brain processing of the temporal dimension of acute pain in short-term memory

Khoshnejad, Mina; Roy, Mathieu; Martinu, Kristina; More

PAIN. 158(10):2001-2011, October 2017.

Protein kinase A regulates inflammatory pain sensitization by modulating HCN2 channel activity in nociceptive sensory neurons

Herrmann, Stefan; Rajab, Hamsa; Christ, Irina; More

PAIN. 158(10):2012-2024, October 2017.

Propranolol treatment prevents chronic central sensitization induced by repeated dural stimulation

Boyer, Nelly; Signoret-Genest, Jérémy; Artola, Alain; More

PAIN. 158(10):2025-2034, October 2017.

Long noncoding RNA MRAK009713 is a novel regulator of neuropathic pain in rats

Li, Guilin; Jiang, Huaide; Zheng, Chaoran; More

PAIN. 158(10):2042-2052, October 2017.