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July 2017 - Volume 158 - Issue 7
pp: 1181-1399

Gene-to-gene interactions regulate endogenous pain modulation in fibromyalgia patients and healthy controls—antagonistic effects between opioid and serotonin-related genes

Tour, Jeanette; Löfgren, Monika; Mannerkorpi, Kaisa; More

PAIN. 158(7):1194-1203, July 2017.

Hyperalgesic priming (type II) induced by repeated opioid exposure: maintenance mechanisms

Araldi, Dioneia; Ferrari, Luiz F.; Levine, Jon D.

PAIN. 158(7):1204-1216, July 2017.

The long-term reliability of static and dynamic quantitative sensory testing in healthy individuals

Marcuzzi, Anna; Wrigley, Paul J.; Dean, Catherine M.; More

PAIN. 158(7):1217-1223, July 2017.

Predictors and social consequences of daily pain expectancy among adults with chronic pain

Mun, Chung Jung; Thummala, Kirti; Davis, Mary C.; More

PAIN. 158(7):1224-1233, July 2017.

Parkinson disease and musculoskeletal pain: an 8-year population-based cohort study

Lien, Wei-Hung; Lien, Wei-Chih; Kuan, Ta-Shen; More

PAIN. 158(7):1234-1240, July 2017.

Neuropathic pain-induced enhancement of spontaneous and pain-evoked neuronal activity in the periaqueductal gray that is attenuated by gabapentin

Samineni, Vijay K.; Premkumar, Louis S.; Faingold, Carl L.

PAIN. 158(7):1241-1253, July 2017.

Biomarker of extracellular matrix remodelling C1M and proinflammatory cytokine interleukin 6 are related to synovitis and pain in end-stage knee osteoarthritis patients

Radojcic, Maja R.; Thudium, Christian S.; Henriksen, Kim; More

PAIN. 158(7):1254-1263, July 2017.

Temporal summation and motor function modulation during repeated jaw movements in patients with temporomandibular disorder pain and healthy controls

Zhang, Yuanxiu; Shao, Sheng; Zhang, Jinglu; More

PAIN. 158(7):1272-1279, July 2017.

C-reactive protein and cold-pressor tolerance in the general population: the Tromsø Study

Schistad, Elina Iordanova; Stubhaug, Audun; Furberg, Anne-Sofie; More

PAIN. 158(7):1280-1288, July 2017.

The pain course: a randomised controlled trial comparing a remote-delivered chronic pain management program when provided in online and workbook formats

Dear, B.F.; Gandy, M.; Karin, E.; More

PAIN. 158(7):1289-1301, July 2017.

Targeting brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the medial thalamus for the treatment of central poststroke pain in a rodent model

Shih, Hsi-Chien; Kuan, Yung-Hui; Shyu, Bai-Chung

PAIN. 158(7):1302-1313, July 2017.

Peripheral inflammatory pain sensitisation is independent of mast cell activation in male mice

Lopes, Douglas M.; Denk, Franziska; Chisholm, Kim I.; More

PAIN. 158(7):1314-1322, July 2017.

Development and validation of the self-reported PROMIS pediatric pain behavior item bank and short form scale

Cunningham, Natoshia R.; Kashikar-Zuck, Susmita; Mara, Constance; More

PAIN. 158(7):1323-1331, July 2017.

A role for neurokinin-1 receptor neurons in the rostral ventromedial medulla in the development of chronic postthoracotomy pain

Khasabov, Sergey G.; Wang, Jeffrey Chi-Fei; Simone, Donald A.; More

PAIN. 158(7):1332-1341, July 2017.

Musculoskeletal pain profile of obese individuals attending a multidisciplinary weight management service

MacLellan, Grace A.; Dunlevy, Colin; O'Malley, Emer; More

PAIN. 158(7):1342-1353, July 2017.

Rab7—a novel redox target that modulates inflammatory pain processing

Kallenborn-Gerhardt, Wiebke; Möser, Christine V.; Lorenz, Jana E.; More

PAIN. 158(7):1354-1365, July 2017.

Neuropathic pain after chronic nerve constriction may not correlate with chloride dysregulation in mouse trigeminal nucleus caudalis neurons

Castro, Alberto; Li, Ying; Raver, Charles; More

PAIN. 158(7):1366-1372, July 2017.

Chronic pain patients' perspectives of medical cannabis

Piper, Brian J.; Beals, Monica L.; Abess, Alexander T.; More

PAIN. 158(7):1373-1379, July 2017.

Sustained improvements in pain, mood, function and opioid use post interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation in patients weaned from high and low dose chronic opioid therapy

Huffman, Kelly L.; Rush, Taylor E.; Fan, Youran; More

PAIN. 158(7):1380-1394, July 2017.


Kosek, Eva; Cohen, Milton; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN. 158(7):1396, July 2017.