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June 2017 - Volume 158 - Issue 6
pp: 993-1180

Side effects can enhance treatment response through expectancy effects: an experimental analgesic randomized controlled trial

Berna, Chantal; Kirsch, Irving; Zion, Sean R.; More

PAIN. 158(6):1014-1020, June 2017.

A common pronociceptive pain modulation profile typifying subgroups of chronic pelvic pain syndromes is interrelated with enhanced clinical pain

Grinberg, Keren; Granot, Michal; Lowenstein, Lior; More

PAIN. 158(6):1021-1029, June 2017.

Psychophysical and psychological predictors of acute pain after breast surgery differ in patients with and without pre-existing chronic pain

Ruscheweyh, Ruth; Viehoff, Anika; Tio, Joke; More

PAIN. 158(6):1030-1038, June 2017.

Pharmacoepidemiologic analyses of opioid use among OEF/OIF/OND veterans

Hudson, Teresa J.; Painter, Jacob T.; Martin, Bradley C.; More

PAIN. 158(6):1039-1045, June 2017.

Genome-wide methylation analysis of a large population sample shows neurological pathways involvement in chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain

Livshits, Gregory; Malkin, Ida; Freidin, Maxim B.; More

PAIN. 158(6):1053-1062, June 2017.

Pain interference and physical function demonstrate poor longitudinal association in people living with pain: a PROMIS investigation

Karayannis, Nicholas V.; Sturgeon, John A.; Chih-Kao, Ming; More

PAIN. 158(6):1063-1068, June 2017.

Resting-state functional connectivity predicts longitudinal pain symptom change in urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome: a MAPP network study

Kutch, Jason J.; Labus, Jennifer S.; Harris, Richard E.; More

PAIN. 158(6):1069-1082, June 2017.

Recommendations for a first Core Outcome Measurement set for complex regional PAin syndrome Clinical sTudies (COMPACT)

Grieve, Sharon; Perez, Roberto S.G.M.; Birklein, Frank; More

PAIN. 158(6):1083-1090, June 2017.

Pain and pharmacologic pain management in long-stay nursing home residents

Hunnicutt, Jacob N.; Ulbricht, Christine M.; Tjia, Jennifer; More

PAIN. 158(6):1091-1099, June 2017.

Diagnostic accuracy of laser-evoked potentials in diabetic neuropathy

Di Stefano, Giulia; La Cesa, Silvia; Leone, Caterina; More

PAIN. 158(6):1100-1107, June 2017.

Determination of mild, moderate, and severe pain interference in patients with cancer

Shi, Qiuling; Mendoza, Tito R.; Dueck, Amylou C.; More

PAIN. 158(6):1108-1112, June 2017.

Allodynia in cluster headache

Wilbrink, Leopoldine A.; Louter, Mark A.; Teernstra, Onno P.M.; More

PAIN. 158(6):1113-1117, June 2017.

HDAC6 inhibition effectively reverses chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

Krukowski, Karen; Ma, Jiacheng; Golonzhka, Olga; More

PAIN. 158(6):1126-1137, June 2017.

Polysubstance use and misuse or abuse of prescription opioid analgesics: a multi-level analysis of international data

Morley, Katherine I.; Ferris, Jason A.; Winstock, Adam R.; More

PAIN. 158(6):1138-1144, June 2017.

Use of analgesics in young adults as a predictor of health care utilization and pain prevalence: Israel defense forces experience

Dorfman, Karina; Komargodski, Olga; Magnezi, Racheli; More

PAIN. 158(6):1145-1152, June 2017.

Nerve injury–induced epigenetic silencing of opioid receptors controlled by DNMT3a in primary afferent neurons

Sun, Linlin; Zhao, Jian-Yuan; Gu, Xiyao; More

PAIN. 158(6):1153-1165, June 2017.


Younis, Samaira; Maarbjerg, Stine; Bendtsen, Lars

PAIN. 158(6):1177, June 2017.


Craig, Kenneth D.; de C Williams, Amanda C.

PAIN. 158(6):1178, June 2017.