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May 2017 - Volume 158 - Issue 5
pp: 767-992

Perioperative pregabalin administration does not prevent chronic postoperative pain: systematic review with a meta-analysis of randomized trials

Martinez, Valeria; Pichard, Xavier; Fletcher, Dominique

PAIN. 158(5):775-783, May 2017.

The persistence of the effects of acupuncture after a course of treatment: a meta-analysis of patients with chronic pain

MacPherson, H.; Vertosick, E.A.; Foster, N.E.; More

PAIN. 158(5):784-793, May 2017.

Predictors of the transition from acute to persistent musculoskeletal pain in children and adolescents: a prospective study

Holley, Amy Lewandowski; Wilson, Anna C.; Palermo, Tonya M.

PAIN. 158(5):794-801, May 2017.

Therapeutic benefits of the methyl donor S-adenosylmethionine on nerve injury–induced mechanical hypersensitivity and cognitive impairment in mice

Grégoire, Stéphanie; Millecamps, Magali; Naso, Lina; More

PAIN. 158(5):802-810, May 2017.

A novel inhibitor of active protein kinase G attenuates chronic inflammatory and osteoarthritic pain

Sung, Ying-Ju; Sofoluke, Nelson; Nkamany, Mary; More

PAIN. 158(5):822-832, May 2017.

Impact of the Opioid Safety Initiative on opioid-related prescribing in veterans

Lin, Lewei A.; Bohnert, Amy S.B.; Kerns, Robert D.; More

PAIN. 158(5):833-839, May 2017.

Follow-up at the corrected age of 24 months of preterm newborns receiving continuous infusion of fentanyl for pain control during mechanical ventilation

Ancora, Gina; Lago, Paola; Garetti, Elisabetta; More

PAIN. 158(5):840-845, May 2017.

Observer influences on pain: an experimental series examining same-sex and opposite-sex friends, strangers, and romantic partners

Edwards, Rhiannon; Eccleston, Christopher; Keogh, Edmund

PAIN. 158(5):846-855, May 2017.

Primidone inhibits TRPM3 and attenuates thermal nociception in vivo

Krügel, Ute; Straub, Isabelle; Beckmann, Holger; More

PAIN. 158(5):856-867, May 2017.

A tailored-guided internet-based cognitive-behavioral intervention for patients with rheumatoid arthritis as an adjunct to standard rheumatological care: results of a randomized controlled trial

Ferwerda, Maaike; van Beugen, Sylvia; van Middendorp, Henriët; More

PAIN. 158(5):868-878, May 2017.

Neuron-restrictive silencer factor–mediated downregulation of μ-opioid receptor contributes to the reduced morphine analgesia in bone cancer pain

Zhu, Chao; Tang, Jun; Ding, Tan; More

PAIN. 158(5):879-890, May 2017.

Economic evaluation of an implementation strategy for the management of low back pain in general practice

Jensen, Cathrine Elgaard; Riis, Allan; Petersen, Karin Dam; More

PAIN. 158(5):891-899, May 2017.

Burning pain: axonal dysfunction in erythromelalgia

Farrar, Michelle A.; Lee, Ming-Jen; Howells, James; More

PAIN. 158(5):900-911, May 2017.

Photographs of Daily Activities–Youth English: validating a targeted assessment of worry and anticipated pain

Simons, Laura E.; Pielech, Melissa; McAvoy, Shannon; More

PAIN. 158(5):912-921, May 2017.

Does expecting more pain make it more intense? Factors associated with the first week pain trajectories after breast cancer surgery

Sipilä, Reetta M.; Haasio, Lassi; Meretoja, Tuomo J.; More

PAIN. 158(5):922-930, May 2017.

A central role for R7bp in the regulation of itch sensation

Pandey, Mritunjay; Zhang, Jian-Hua; Mishra, Santosh K.; More

PAIN. 158(5):931-944, May 2017.

Spinal cord interneurons expressing the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor convey itch through VGLUT2-mediated signaling

Aresh, Bejan; Freitag, Fabio B.; Perry, Sharn; More

PAIN. 158(5):945-961, May 2017.

Nicotinamide riboside, a form of vitamin B3 and NAD+ precursor, relieves the nociceptive and aversive dimensions of paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy in female rats

Hamity, Marta V.; White, Stephanie R.; Walder, Roxanne Y.; More

PAIN. 158(5):962-972, May 2017.

Increased spatial dimensions of repetitive heat and cold stimuli in older women

Naugle, Kelly M.; Cruz-Almeida, Yenisel; Fillingim, Roger B.; More

PAIN. 158(5):973-979, May 2017.

Return to work helps maintain treatment gains in the rehabilitation of whiplash injury

Sullivan, Michael; Adams, Heather; Thibault, Pascal; More

PAIN. 158(5):980-987, May 2017.


Craig, Kenneth D.; Williams, Amanda C. de C.

PAIN. 158(5):991-992, May 2017.