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April 2017 - Volume 158 - Issue 4
pp: 539-765

Pathogenesis of abdominal pain in bowel obstruction: role of mechanical stress-induced upregulation of nerve growth factor in gut smooth muscle cells

Lin, You-Min; Fu, Yu; Winston, John; More

PAIN. 158(4):583-592, April 2017.

Examination of an internet-delivered cognitive behavioural pain management course for adults with fibromyalgia: a randomized controlled trial

Friesen, Lindsay N.; Hadjistavropoulos, Heather D.; Schneider, Luke H.; More

PAIN. 158(4):593-604, April 2017.

Anti–nerve growth factor therapy increases spontaneous day/night activity in mice with orthopedic surgery–induced pain

Majuta, Lisa A.; Guedon, Jean-Marc G.; Mitchell, Stefanie A.T.; More

PAIN. 158(4):605-617, April 2017.

Brief telephone-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy targeted to parents of children with functional abdominal pain: a randomized controlled trial

Levy, Rona L.; Langer, Shelby L.; van Tilburg, Miranda A.L.; More

PAIN. 158(4):618-628, April 2017.

Use of smartphones to prospectively evaluate predictors and outcomes of caregiver responses to pain in youth with chronic disease

Connelly, Mark; Bromberg, Maggie H.; Anthony, Kelly K.; More

PAIN. 158(4):629-636, April 2017.

Epigenetic upregulation of CXCL12 expression mediates antitubulin chemotherapeutics–induced neuropathic pain

Xu, Ting; Zhang, Xiao-Long; Ou-Yang, Han-Dong; More

PAIN. 158(4):637-648, April 2017.

Oxytocin alleviates orofacial mechanical hypersensitivity associated with infraorbital nerve injury through vasopressin-1A receptors of the rat trigeminal ganglia

Kubo, Asako; Shinoda, Masamichi; Katagiri, Ayano; More

PAIN. 158(4):649-659, April 2017.

Enhanced delivery of IL-1 receptor antagonist to the central nervous system as a novel anti–transferrin receptor-IL-1RA fusion reverses neuropathic mechanical hypersensitivity

Webster, Carl I.; Hatcher, Jon; Burrell, Matthew; More

PAIN. 158(4):660-668, April 2017.

Dorsal root ganglion stimulation yielded higher treatment success rate for complex regional pain syndrome and causalgia at 3 and 12 months: a randomized comparative trial

Deer, Timothy R.; Levy, Robert M.; Kramer, Jeffery; More

PAIN. 158(4):669-681, April 2017.

Stress-related psychological symptoms contribute to axial pain persistence after motor vehicle collision: path analysis results from a prospective longitudinal study

Feinberg, Rose K.; Hu, JunMei; Weaver, Mark A.; More

PAIN. 158(4):682-690, April 2017.

Intense pain influences the cortical processing of visual stimuli projected onto the sensitized skin

Torta, Diana M.E.; Van Den Broeke, Emanuel N.; Filbrich, Lieve; More

PAIN. 158(4):691-697, April 2017.

Epigenetic divergence in the TRPA1 promoter correlates with pressure pain thresholds in healthy individuals

Gombert, Sara; Rhein, Mathias; Eberhardt, Mirjam; More

PAIN. 158(4):698-704, April 2017.

Spinal intracellular metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 (mGluR5) contributes to pain and c-fos expression in a rat model of inflammatory pain

Vincent, Kathleen; Wang, Shu Fan; Laferrière, André; More

PAIN. 158(4):705-716, April 2017.

Chronic stress exacerbates neuropathic pain via the integration of stress-affect–related information with nociceptive information in the central nucleus of the amygdala

Li, Ming-Jia; Liu, Ling-Yu; Chen, Lin; More

PAIN. 158(4):717-739, April 2017.

It is a painful somatic symptom, not the history of cancer/malignancy that is associated with depression: findings from multiple national surveys

Johnson, Krystina; Politis, Maria D.; Hansen, Andrew R.; More

PAIN. 158(4):740-746, April 2017.

Divergent functions of the left and right central amygdala in visceral nociception

Sadler, Katelyn E.; McQuaid, Neal A.; Cox, Abigail C.; More

PAIN. 158(4):747-759, April 2017.


Andresen, Sven R.; Hansen, Rikke M.; Biering-Sørensen, Fin; More

PAIN. 158(4):764-765, April 2017.