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December 2016 - Volume 157 - Issue 12
pp: 2621-2881

Discriminative ability of reflex receptive fields to distinguish patients with acute and chronic low back pain

Müller, Monika; Biurrun Manresa, José A.; Treichel, Fabienne; More

PAIN. 157(12):2664-2671, December 2016.

N-palmitoylethanolamide in the anterior cingulate cortex attenuates inflammatory pain behaviour indirectly via a CB1 receptor-mediated mechanism

Okine, Bright N.; Madasu, Manish K.; McGowan, Fiona; More

PAIN. 157(12):2687-2696, December 2016.

Parabrachial complex links pain transmission to descending pain modulation

Roeder, Zachary; Chen, QiLiang; Davis, Sophia; More

PAIN. 157(12):2697-2708, December 2016.

Angiotensin-(1-7)/Mas receptor as an antinociceptive agent in cancer-induced bone pain

Forte, Brittany L.; Slosky, Lauren M.; Zhang, Hong; More

PAIN. 157(12):2709-2721, December 2016.

Dural stimulation in rats causes brain-derived neurotrophic factor–dependent priming to subthreshold stimuli including a migraine trigger

Burgos-Vega, Carolina C.; Quigley, Lilyana D.; Avona, Amanda; More

PAIN. 157(12):2722-2730, December 2016.

Hedonic and motivational responses to food reward are unchanged in rats with neuropathic pain

Okun, Alec; McKinzie, David L.; Witkin, Jeffrey M.; More

PAIN. 157(12):2731-2738, December 2016.

Characterizing the pain score trajectories of hospitalized adult medical and surgical patients: a retrospective cohort study

Kannampallil, Thomas; Galanter, William L.; Falck, Suzanne; More

PAIN. 157(12):2739-2746, December 2016.

A data science approach to candidate gene selection of pain regarded as a process of learning and neural plasticity

Ultsch, Alfred; Kringel, Dario; Kalso, Eija; More

PAIN. 157(12):2747-2757, December 2016.

Subthalamic deep brain stimulation modulates conscious perception of sensory function in Parkinson's disease

Cury, Rubens G.; Galhardoni, Ricardo; Teixeira, Manoel J.; More

PAIN. 157(12):2758-2765, December 2016.

Open-label placebo treatment in chronic low back pain: a randomized controlled trial

Carvalho, Cláudia; Caetano, Joaquim Machado; Cunha, Lidia; More

PAIN. 157(12):2766-2772, December 2016.

Premonitory and nonheadache symptoms induced by CGRP and PACAP38 in patients with migraine

Guo, Song; Vollesen, Anne L.H.; Olesen, Jes; More

PAIN. 157(12):2773-2781, December 2016.

Brain white matter changes associated with urological chronic pelvic pain syndrome: multisite neuroimaging from a MAPP case–control study

Huang, Lejian; Kutch, Jason J.; Ellingson, Benjamin M.; More

PAIN. 157(12):2782-2791, December 2016.

Survey of herbal cannabis (marijuana) use in rheumatology clinic attenders with a rheumatologist confirmed diagnosis

Ste-Marie, Peter A.; Shir, Yoram; Rampakakis, Emmanouil; More

PAIN. 157(12):2792-2797, December 2016.

CaMKIIα underlies spontaneous and evoked pain behaviors in Berkeley sickle cell transgenic mice

He, Ying; Chen, Yan; Tian, Xuebi; More

PAIN. 157(12):2798-2806, December 2016.

A population-based study of quantitative sensory testing in adolescents with and without chronic pain

Tham, See Wan; Palermo, Tonya M.; Holley, Amy Lewandowski; More

PAIN. 157(12):2807-2815, December 2016.

The indirect costs of back problems (dorsopathies) in Australians aged 45 to 64 years from 2015 to 2030: results from a microsimulation model, Health&WealthMOD2030

Schofield, Deborah; Cunich, Michelle M.; Shrestha, Rupendra N.; More

PAIN. 157(12):2816-2825, December 2016.

Musculoskeletal complaints while growing up from age 11 to age 14: the PIAMA birth cohort study

Picavet, H. Susan J.; Berentzen, Nina; Scheuer, Ninotsjka; More

PAIN. 157(12):2826-2833, December 2016.

Pain quality descriptors in community-dwelling older adults with nonmalignant pain

Thakral, Manu; Shi, Ling; Foust, Janice B.; More

PAIN. 157(12):2834-2842, December 2016.

Peripheral neuropathic changes in pachyonychia congenita

Pan, Baohan; Byrnes, Kelly; Schwartz, Mary; More

PAIN. 157(12):2843-2853, December 2016.

Withdrawal-associated injury site pain (WISP): a descriptive case series of an opioid cessation phenomenon

Rieb, Launette Marie; Norman, Wendy V.; Martin, Ruth Elwood; More

PAIN. 157(12):2865-2874, December 2016.


Cicero, Theodore J.; Ellis, Matthew S.; Kasper, Zachary A.

PAIN. 157(12):2875-2876, December 2016.


Cohen, Milton; Kosek, Eva; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN. 157(12):2876-2877, December 2016.