August 2016 - Volume 157 - Issue 8 : PAIN

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August 2016 - Volume 157 - Issue 8
pp: 1579-1834

Neuropathic pain: an updated grading system for research and clinical practice

Finnerup, Nanna B.; Haroutounian, Simon; Kamerman, Peter; More

PAIN. 157(8):1599-1606, August 2016.

Pain and distress caused by endotracheal suctioning in neonates is better quantified by behavioural than physiological items: a comparison based on item response theory modelling

Välitalo, Pyry A.J.; van Dijk, Monique; Krekels, Elke H.J.; More

PAIN. 157(8):1611-1617, August 2016.

Health care providers' judgments in chronic pain: the influence of gender and trustworthiness

Schäfer, Gráinne; Prkachin, Kenneth M.; Kaseweter, Kimberley A.; More

PAIN. 157(8):1618-1625, August 2016.

Incremental health care costs for chronic pain in Ontario, Canada: a population-based matched cohort study of adolescents and adults using administrative data

Hogan, Mary-Ellen; Taddio, Anna; Katz, Joel; More

PAIN. 157(8):1626-1633, August 2016.

Evidence for a central mode of action for etoricoxib (COX-2 inhibitor) in patients with painful knee osteoarthritis

Arendt-Nielsen, Lars; Egsgaard, Line Lindhardt; Petersen, Kristian Kjær

PAIN. 157(8):1634-1644, August 2016.

Addition of posttraumatic stress and sensory hypersensitivity more accurately estimates disability and pain than fear avoidance measures alone after whiplash injury

Pedler, Ashley; Kamper, Steven J.; Sterling, Michele

PAIN. 157(8):1645-1654, August 2016.

Therapeutic potential of RQ-00311651, a novel T-type Ca2+ channel blocker, in distinct rodent models for neuropathic and visceral pain

Sekiguchi, Fumiko; Kawara, Yuma; Tsubota, Maho; More

PAIN. 157(8):1655-1665, August 2016.

Neuropeptide Y inhibits the trigeminovascular pathway through NPY Y1 receptor: implications for migraine

Oliveira, Margarida-Martins; Akerman, Simon; Tavares, Isaura; More

PAIN. 157(8):1666-1673, August 2016.

Complex regional pain syndrome: evidence for warm and cold subtypes in a large prospective clinical sample

Bruehl, Stephen; Maihöfner, Christian; Stanton-Hicks, Michael; More

PAIN. 157(8):1674-1681, August 2016.

The effect of local vs remote experimental pain on motor learning and sensorimotor integration using a complex typing task

Dancey, Erin; Murphy, Bernadette A.; Andrew, Danielle; More

PAIN. 157(8):1682-1695, August 2016.

The musculoskeletal diagnosis cohort: examining pain and pain care among veterans

Goulet, Joseph L.; Kerns, Robert D.; Bair, Matthew; More

PAIN. 157(8):1696-1703, August 2016.

Pain facilitation and pain inhibition during conditioned pain modulation in fibromyalgia and in healthy controls

Potvin, Stéphane; Marchand, Serge

PAIN. 157(8):1704-1710, August 2016.

N-acetyl-cysteine attenuates neuropathic pain by suppressing matrix metalloproteinases

Li, Jiajie; Xu, Lujie; Deng, Xueting; More

PAIN. 157(8):1711-1723, August 2016.

Temporal preference in individuals reporting chronic pain: discounting of delayed pain-related and monetary outcomes

Tompkins, D. Andrew; Johnson, Patrick S.; Smith, Michael T.; More

PAIN. 157(8):1724-1732, August 2016.

Predicting pain outcomes after traumatic musculoskeletal injury

Rosenbloom, Brittany N.; Katz, Joel; Chin, Kelly Y.W.; More

PAIN. 157(8):1733-1743, August 2016.

Characterization of a mouse model of headache

Huang, Dongyue; Ren, Lynn; Qiu, Chang-Shen; More

PAIN. 157(8):1744-1760, August 2016.

Restraint training for awake functional brain scanning of rodents can cause long-lasting changes in pain and stress responses

Low, Lucie A.; Bauer, Lucy C.; Pitcher, Mark H.; More

PAIN. 157(8):1761-1772, August 2016.

Gi-protein–coupled 5-HT1B/D receptor agonist sumatriptan induces type I hyperalgesic priming

Araldi, Dioneia; Ferrari, Luiz F.; Levine, Jon D.

PAIN. 157(8):1773-1782, August 2016.

Affective instability in patients with chronic pain: a diary approach

Rost, Silke; Van Ryckeghem, Dimitri M.L.; Koval, Peter; More

PAIN. 157(8):1783-1790, August 2016.

Patient vs provider reports of aberrant medication-taking behavior among opioid-treated patients with chronic pain who report misusing opioid medication

Nikulina, Valentina; Guarino, Honoria; Acosta, Michelle C.; More

PAIN. 157(8):1791-1798, August 2016.

Altered pressure pain thresholds and increased wind-up in adult patients with chronic back pain with a history of childhood maltreatment: a quantitative sensory testing study

Tesarz, Jonas; Eich, Wolfgang; Treede, Rolf-Detlef; More

PAIN. 157(8):1799-1809, August 2016.

Symptom profiles in the painDETECT Questionnaire in patients with peripheral neuropathic pain stratified according to sensory loss in quantitative sensory testing

Vollert, Jan; Kramer, Martin; Barroso, Alejandro; More

PAIN. 157(8):1810-1818, August 2016.

Multiple faces of pain: effects of chronic pain on the brain regulation of facial expression

Vachon-Presseau, Etienne; Roy, Mathieu; Woo, Choong-Wan; More

PAIN. 157(8):1819-1830, August 2016.


Butler, Stephen; Landmark, Tormod; Glette, Mari; More

PAIN. 157(8):1832-1833, August 2016.


Hogan, Mary-Ellen; Taddio, Anna; Katz, Joel; More

PAIN. 157(8):1834, August 2016.