July 2016 - Volume 157 - Issue 7 : PAIN

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July 2016 - Volume 157 - Issue 7
pp: 1369-1578

Preoperative pain mechanisms assessed by cuff algometry are associated with chronic postoperative pain relief after total knee replacement

Petersen, Kristian Kjær; Graven-Nielsen, Thomas; Simonsen, Ole; More

PAIN. 157(7):1400-1406, July 2016.

Quantitative sensory testing in classical trigeminal neuralgia—a blinded study in patients with and without concomitant persistent pain

Younis, Samaira; Maarbjerg, Stine; Reimer, Maren; More

PAIN. 157(7):1407-1414, July 2016.

Differential pain modulation properties in central neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury

Gruener, Hila; Zeilig, Gabi; Laufer, Yocheved; More

PAIN. 157(7):1415-1424, July 2016.

Lower sex hormone levels are associated with more chronic musculoskeletal pain in community-dwelling elderly women

de Kruijf, Marjolein; Stolk, Lisette; Zillikens, M. Carola; More

PAIN. 157(7):1425-1431, July 2016.

Loss of inhibitory tone on spinal cord dorsal horn spontaneously and nonspontaneously active neurons in a mouse model of neuropathic pain

Medrano, Maria Carmen; Dhanasobhon, Dhanasak; Yalcin, Ipek; More

PAIN. 157(7):1432-1442, July 2016.

Chronic musculoskeletal complaints as a predictor of mortality—The HUNT study

Åsberg, Anders N.; Stovner, Lars J.; Zwart, John-Anker; More

PAIN. 157(7):1443-1447, July 2016.

(S)-lacosamide inhibition of CRMP2 phosphorylation reduces postoperative and neuropathic pain behaviors through distinct classes of sensory neurons identified by constellation pharmacology

Moutal, Aubin; Chew, Lindsey A.; Yang, Xiaofang; More

PAIN. 157(7):1448-1463, July 2016.

The heterogeneity of headache patients who self-medicate: a cluster analysis approach

Mehuys, Els; Paemeleire, Koen; Crombez, Geert; More

PAIN. 157(7):1464-1471, July 2016.

Depression in patients with chronic pain attending a specialised pain treatment centre: prevalence and impact on health care costs

Rayner, Lauren; Hotopf, Matthew; Petkova, Hristina; More

PAIN. 157(7):1472-1479, July 2016.

Defining problematic pharmaceutical opioid use among people prescribed opioids for chronic noncancer pain: do different measures identify the same patients?

Campbell, Gabrielle; Bruno, Raimondo; Lintzeris, Nicholas; More

PAIN. 157(7):1489-1498, July 2016.

A randomized controlled trial of gabapentin for chronic low back pain with and without a radiating component

Atkinson, J. Hampton; Slater, Mark A.; Capparelli, Edmund V.; More

PAIN. 157(7):1499-1507, July 2016.

Trends in long-term opioid prescribing in primary care patients with musculoskeletal conditions: an observational database study

Bedson, John; Chen, Ying; Hayward, Richard A.; More

PAIN. 157(7):1525-1531, July 2016.

Combination of pregabalin with duloxetine for fibromyalgia: a randomized controlled trial

Gilron, Ian; Chaparro, Luis E.; Tu, Dongsheng; More

PAIN. 157(7):1532-1540, July 2016.

Epac–protein kinase C alpha signaling in purinergic P2X3R-mediated hyperalgesia after inflammation

Gu, Yanping; Li, Guangwen; Chen, Yong; More

PAIN. 157(7):1541-1550, July 2016.

Brief time-based activity pacing instruction as a singular behavioral intervention was not effective in participants with symptomatic osteoarthritis

Murphy, Susan L.; Kratz, Anna L.; Kidwell, Kelley; More

PAIN. 157(7):1563-1573, July 2016.


Sullivan, Mark D.; Ballantyne, Jane

PAIN. 157(7):1574-1575, July 2016.


Wager, Tor D.; Woo, Choong-Wan

PAIN. 157(7):1576-1577, July 2016.