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June 2016 - Volume 157 - Issue 6
pp: 1177-1368

Preliminary validation of the Michigan Body Map

Brummett, Chad M.; Bakshi, Rishi R.; Goesling, Jenna; More

PAIN. 157(6):1205-1212, June 2016.

Problem-solving skills training for parents of children with chronic pain: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Palermo, Tonya M.; Law, Emily F.; Bromberg, Maggie; More

PAIN. 157(6):1213-1223, June 2016.

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and transcranial direct-current stimulation in neuropathic pain due to radiculopathy: a randomized sham-controlled comparative study

Attal, Nadine; Ayache, Samar S.; Ciampi De Andrade, Daniel; More

PAIN. 157(6):1224-1231, June 2016.

A tale of 2 ADFs: differences in the effectiveness of abuse-deterrent formulations of oxymorphone and oxycodone extended-release drugs

Cicero, Theodore J.; Ellis, Matthew S.; Kasper, Zachary A.

PAIN. 157(6):1232-1238, June 2016.

Dissociation between the relief of skeletal pain behaviors and skin hypersensitivity in a model of bone cancer pain

Guedon, Jean-Marc G.; Longo, Geraldine; Majuta, Lisa A.; More

PAIN. 157(6):1239-1247, June 2016.

A comparative behavioural study of mechanical hypersensitivity in 2 pain models in rats and humans

Reitz, Marie-Céline; Hrncic, Dragan; Treede, Rolf-Detlef; More

PAIN. 157(6):1248-1258, June 2016.

Trends and predictors of opioid use after total knee and total hip arthroplasty

Goesling, Jenna; Moser, Stephanie E.; Zaidi, Bilal; More

PAIN. 157(6):1259-1265, June 2016.

Identification of clusters of individuals relevant to temporomandibular disorders and other chronic pain conditions: the OPPERA study

Bair, Eric; Gaynor, Sheila; Slade, Gary D.; More

PAIN. 157(6):1266-1278, June 2016.

Brain activations during pain: a neuroimaging meta-analysis of patients with pain and healthy controls

Jensen, Karin B.; Regenbogen, Christina; Ohse, Margarete C.; More

PAIN. 157(6):1279-1286, June 2016.

Experimental manipulations of pain catastrophizing influence pain levels in patients with chronic pain and healthy volunteers

Kjøgx, Heidi; Kasch, Helge; Zachariae, Robert; More

PAIN. 157(6):1287-1296, June 2016.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of injected capsaicin for pain in Morton's neuroma

Campbell, Claudia M.; Diamond, Eric; Schmidt, William K.; More

PAIN. 157(6):1297-1304, June 2016.

Pain phenotype as a predictor for drug response in painful polyneuropathy—a retrospective analysis of data from controlled clinical trials

Holbech, Jakob V.; Bach, Flemming W.; Finnerup, Nanna B.; More

PAIN. 157(6):1305-1313, June 2016.

Neuroligin 2 regulates spinal GABAergic plasticity in hyperalgesic priming, a model of the transition from acute to chronic pain

Kim, Ji-Young V.; Megat, Salim; Moy, Jamie K.; More

PAIN. 157(6):1314-1324, June 2016.

Widespread somatosensory sensitivity in naturally occurring canine model of osteoarthritis

Knazovicky, David; Helgeson, Erika S.; Case, Beth; More

PAIN. 157(6):1325-1332, June 2016.

Chronic pain in adolescence and internalizing mental health disorders: a nationally representative study

Noel, Melanie; Groenewald, Cornelius B.; Beals-Erickson, Sarah E.; More

PAIN. 157(6):1333-1338, June 2016.

Dose–response relationship between sports activity and musculoskeletal pain in adolescents

Kamada, Masamitsu; Abe, Takafumi; Kitayuguchi, Jun; More

PAIN. 157(6):1339-1345, June 2016.

Targeted overexpression of tumor necrosis factor-α increases cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activity and TRPV1-dependent Ca2+ influx in trigeminal neurons

Rozas, Pablo; Lazcano, Pablo; Piña, Ricardo; More

PAIN. 157(6):1346-1362, June 2016.


Doppler, Kathrin; Sommer, Claudia

PAIN. 157(6):1365-1366, June 2016.