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May 2016 - Volume 157 - Issue 5
pp: 993-1176

Distinct TRPV1- and TRPA1-based mechanisms underlying enhancement of oral ulcerative mucositis-induced pain by 5-fluorouracil

Yamaguchi, Kiichiro; Ono, Kentaro; Hitomi, Suzuro; More

PAIN. 157(5):1004-1020, May 2016.

Trends in opioid prescriptions among children and adolescents in the United States: a nationally representative study from 1996 to 2012

Groenewald, Cornelius B.; Rabbitts, Jennifer A.; Gebert, J. Thomas; More

PAIN. 157(5):1021-1027, May 2016.

Classification of neck/shoulder pain in epidemiological research: a comparison of personal and occupational characteristics, disability, and prognosis among 12,195 workers from 18 countries

Sarquis, Leila M.M.; Coggon, David; Ntani, Georgia; More

PAIN. 157(5):1028-1036, May 2016.

Differences in regional homogeneity between patients with Crohn's disease with and without abdominal pain revealed by resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging

Bao, Chun-Hui; Liu, Peng; Liu, Hui-Rong; More

PAIN. 157(5):1037-1044, May 2016.

Nonparalytic botulinum molecules for the control of pain

Mangione, Antonina S.; Obara, Ilona; Maiarú, Maria; More

PAIN. 157(5):1045-1055, May 2016.

Pain intensity rating training: results from an exploratory study of the ACTTION PROTECCT system

Smith, Shannon M.; Amtmann, Dagmar; Askew, Robert L.; More

PAIN. 157(5):1056-1064, May 2016.

Sex differences in subjective and objective measures of pain, functional impairment, and health-related quality of life in patients with lumbar degenerative disc disease

Gautschi, Oliver P.; Corniola, Marco V.; Smoll, Nicolas R.; More

PAIN. 157(5):1065-1071, May 2016.

Headache under simulated microgravity is related to endocrine, fluid distribution, and tight junction changes

Feuerecker, Matthias; van Oosterhout, Willebrordus P.J.; Feuerecker, Benedikt; More

PAIN. 157(5):1072-1078, May 2016.

Primary somatosensory/motor cortical thickness distinguishes paresthesia-dominant from pain-dominant carpal tunnel syndrome

Maeda, Yumi; Kettner, Norman; Kim, Jieun; More

PAIN. 157(5):1085-1093, May 2016.

Acquisition and extinction of operant pain-related avoidance behavior using a 3 degrees-of-freedom robotic arm

Meulders, Ann; Franssen, Mathijs; Fonteyne, Riet; More

PAIN. 157(5):1094-1104, May 2016.

Unilateral paravertebral block compared with subarachnoid anesthesia for the management of postoperative pain syndrome after inguinal herniorrhaphy: a randomized controlled clinical trial

Fusco, Pierfrancesco; Cofini, Vincenza; Petrucci, Emiliano; More

PAIN. 157(5):1105-1113, May 2016.

Long-term patterns of chronic complaints of the arms, neck, and shoulders and their determinants—the Doetinchem Cohort Study

van Hulst, Rens; van Oostrom, Sandra H.; Ostelo, Raymond W.J.G.; More

PAIN. 157(5):1114-1121, May 2016.

Characterization of risk factors for adjuvant radiotherapy-associated pain in a tri-racial/ethnic breast cancer population

Lee, Eunkyung; Takita, Cristiane; Wright, Jean L.; More

PAIN. 157(5):1122-1131, May 2016.

The Pain in Neuropathy Study (PiNS): a cross-sectional observational study determining the somatosensory phenotype of painful and painless diabetic neuropathy

Themistocleous, Andreas C.; Ramirez, Juan D.; Shillo, Pallai R.; More

PAIN. 157(5):1132-1145, May 2016.

iPeer2Peer program: a pilot feasibility study in adolescents with chronic pain

Ahola Kohut, Sara; Stinson, Jennifer N.; Ruskin, Danielle; More

PAIN. 157(5):1146-1155, May 2016.

Normative data for Aδ contact heat evoked potentials in adult population: a multicenter study

Granovsky, Yelena; Anand, Praveen; Nakae, Aya; More

PAIN. 157(5):1156-1163, May 2016.

Pressure-induced referred pain is expanded by persistent soreness

Doménech-García, V.; Palsson, T.S.; Herrero, P.; More

PAIN. 157(5):1164-1172, May 2016.


Klein, Max M.; Treister, Roi; Raij, Tommi; More

PAIN. 157(5):1175-1176, May 2016.