April 2016 - Volume 157 - Issue 4 : PAIN

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April 2016 - Volume 157 - Issue 4
pp: 773-992

focus on pain epidemiology

Vagus nerve stimulation inhibits cortical spreading depression

Chen, Shih-Pin; Ay, Ilknur; Lopes de Morais, Andreia; More

PAIN. 157(4):797-805, April 2016.

Toll-like receptor 4 contributes to chronic itch, alloknesis, and spinal astrocyte activation in male mice

Liu, Tong; Han, Qingjian; Chen, Gang; More

PAIN. 157(4):806-817, April 2016.

Complexity, comorbidity, and health care costs associated with chronic widespread pain in primary care

Morales-Espinoza, Enma Marianela; Kostov, Belchin; Salami, Daniel Cararach; More

PAIN. 157(4):818-826, April 2016.

Early alterations of Hedgehog signaling pathway in vascular endothelial cells after peripheral nerve injury elicit blood-nerve barrier disruption, nerve inflammation, and neuropathic pain development

Moreau, Nathan; Mauborgne, Annie; Bourgoin, Sylvie; More

PAIN. 157(4):827-839, April 2016.

Brain measures of nociception using near-infrared spectroscopy in patients undergoing routine screening colonoscopy

Becerra, Lino; Aasted, Christopher M.; Boas, David A.; More

PAIN. 157(4):840-848, April 2016.

Association of levels of opioid use with pain and activity interference among patients initiating chronic opioid therapy: a longitudinal study

Turner, Judith A.; Shortreed, Susan M.; Saunders, Kathleen W.; More

PAIN. 157(4):849-857, April 2016.

Modification of COMT-dependent pain sensitivity by psychological stress and sex

Meloto, Carolina B.; Bortsov, Andrey V.; Bair, Eric; More

PAIN. 157(4):858-867, April 2016.

A possible neural mechanism for photosensitivity in chronic pain

Martenson, Melissa E.; Halawa, Omar I.; Tonsfeldt, Karen J.; More

PAIN. 157(4):868-878, April 2016.

Upregulation of the sodium channel NaVβ4 subunit and its contributions to mechanical hypersensitivity and neuronal hyperexcitability in a rat model of radicular pain induced by local dorsal root ganglion inflammation

Xie, Wenrui; Tan, Zhi-Yong; Barbosa, Cindy; More

PAIN. 157(4):879-891, April 2016.

Differences in demographic, clinical, and symptom characteristics and quality of life outcomes among oncology patients with different types of pain

Posternak, Victoria; Dunn, Laura B.; Dhruva, Anand; More

PAIN. 157(4):892-900, April 2016.

Ensuring transparency and minimization of methodologic bias in preclinical pain research: PPRECISE considerations

Andrews, Nick A.; Latrémolière, Alban; Basbaum, Allan I.; More

PAIN. 157(4):901-909, April 2016.

Protein kinase C-mediated mu-opioid receptor phosphorylation and desensitization in rats, and its prevention during early diabetes

Mousa, Shaaban A.; Shaqura, Mohammed; Winkler, Jens; More

PAIN. 157(4):910-921, April 2016.

Does changing pain-related knowledge reduce pain and improve function through changes in catastrophizing?

Lee, Hopin; McAuley, James H.; Hübscher, Markus; More

PAIN. 157(4):922-930, April 2016.

Chronic pain disorders in HIV primary care: clinical characteristics and association with healthcare utilization

Jiao, Jocelyn M.; So, Eric; Jebakumar, Jebakaran; More

PAIN. 157(4):931-937, April 2016.

Dyadic analysis of child and parent trait and state pain catastrophizing in the process of children's pain communication

Birnie, Kathryn A.; Chambers, Christine T.; Chorney, Jill; More

PAIN. 157(4):938-948, April 2016.

Quantitative sensory testing and pain-evoked cytokine reactivity: comparison of patients with sickle cell disease to healthy matched controls

Campbell, Claudia M.; Carroll, C. Patrick; Kiley, Kasey; More

PAIN. 157(4):949-956, April 2016.

Sleep problems and pain: a longitudinal cohort study in emerging adults

Bonvanie, Irma J.; Oldehinkel, Albertine J.; Rosmalen, Judith G.M.; More

PAIN. 157(4):957-963, April 2016.

High-resolution transcriptome analysis reveals neuropathic pain gene-expression signatures in spinal microglia after nerve injury

Jeong, Heejin; Na, Young-Ji; Lee, Kihwan; More

PAIN. 157(4):964-976, April 2016.

Recombinant neural progenitor transplants in the spinal dorsal horn alleviate chronic central neuropathic pain

Jergova, Stanislava; Gajavelli, Shyam; Pathak, Nirmal; More

PAIN. 157(4):977-989, April 2016.


Basaria, Shehzad; Edwards, Robert R.; Travison, Thomas G.

PAIN. 157(4):990-991, April 2016.