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August 2015 - Volume 156 - Issue 8
pp: 1371-1578

Systematic review of enriched enrolment, randomised withdrawal trial designs in chronic pain: a new framework for design and reporting

Moore, R. Andrew; Wiffen, Philip J.; Eccleston, Christopher; More

PAIN. 156(8):1382-1395, August 2015.

Experimental pain processing in individuals with cognitive impairment: current state of the science

Defrin, Ruth; Amanzio, Martina; de Tommaso, Marina; More

PAIN. 156(8):1396-1408, August 2015.

Morphine does not facilitate breast cancer progression in two preclinical mouse models for human invasive lobular and HER2+ breast cancer

Doornebal, Chris W.; Vrijland, Kim; Hau, Cheei-Sing; More

PAIN. 156(8):1424-1432, August 2015.

Combination of morphine with nortriptyline for neuropathic pain

Gilron, Ian; Tu, Dongsheng; Holden, Ronald R.; More

PAIN. 156(8):1440-1448, August 2015.

Chronic widespread pain: clinical comorbidities and psychological correlates

Burri, Andrea; Ogata, Soshiro; Vehof, Jelle; More

PAIN. 156(8):1458-1464, August 2015.

Persistent visceral allodynia in rats exposed to colorectal irradiation is reversed by mesenchymal stromal cell treatment

Durand, Christelle; Pezet, Sophie; Eutamène, Hélène; More

PAIN. 156(8):1465-1476, August 2015.

Experimental reduction of pain catastrophizing modulates pain report but not spinal nociception as verified by mediation analyses

Terry, Ellen L.; Thompson, Kathryn A.; Rhudy, Jamie L.

PAIN. 156(8):1477-1488, August 2015.

Patients' treatment beliefs in low back pain: development and validation of a questionnaire in primary care

Dima, Alexandra; Lewith, George T.; Little, Paul; More

PAIN. 156(8):1489-1500, August 2015.

Reinstatement of pain-related brain activation during the recognition of neutral images previously paired with nociceptive stimuli

Forkmann, Katarina; Wiech, Katja; Sommer, Tobias; More

PAIN. 156(8):1501-1510, August 2015.

Pediatric Pain Screening Tool: rapid identification of risk in youth with pain complaints

Simons, Laura E.; Smith, Allison; Ibagon, Camila; More

PAIN. 156(8):1511-1518, August 2015.

Inhibition of the mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 signaling pathway reduces itch behaviour in mice

Obara, Ilona; Medrano, Maria C.; Signoret-Genest, Jérémy; More

PAIN. 156(8):1519-1529, August 2015.

Does adherence to treatment mediate the relationship between patients' treatment outcome expectancies and the outcomes of pain intensity and recovery from acute low back pain?

Haanstra, Tsjitske M.; Kamper, Steven J.; Williams, Christopher M.; More

PAIN. 156(8):1530-1536, August 2015.

Multivariate morphological brain signatures predict patients with chronic abdominal pain from healthy control subjects

Labus, Jennifer S.; Van Horn, John D.; Gupta, Arpana; More

PAIN. 156(8):1545-1554, August 2015.

GABA acting on GABAB receptors located in a medullary pain facilitatory area enhances nociceptive behaviors evoked by intraplantar formalin injection

Martins, Isabel; Carvalho, Paulina; de Vries, Martin G.; More

PAIN. 156(8):1555-1565, August 2015.

Cav3.2-expressing low-threshold C fibres in human hairy skin contribute to cold allodynia—a non-TRPV1- and non-TRPM8-dependent phenomenon

Samour, Mohamad S.; Nagi, Saad S.; Mahns, David A.

PAIN. 156(8):1566-1575, August 2015.