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April 2015 - Volume 156 - Issue 4
pp: 565-759

Special Commentary

Distinct quantitative sensory testing profiles in nonspecific chronic back pain subjects with and without psychological trauma

Tesarz, Jonas; Gerhardt, Andreas; Leisner, Sabine; More

PAIN. 156(4):577-586, April 2015.

Targeted alterations in dietary n-3 and n-6 fatty acids improve life functioning and reduce psychological distress among patients with chronic headache: a secondary analysis of a randomized trial

Ramsden, Christopher E.; Faurot, Keturah R.; Zamora, Daisy; More

PAIN. 156(4):587-596, April 2015.

Shp-1 dephosphorylates TRPV1 in dorsal root ganglion neurons and alleviates CFA-induced inflammatory pain in rats

Xiao, Xing; Zhao, Xiao-Tao; Xu, Ling-Chi; More

PAIN. 156(4):597-608, April 2015.

Clinically derived early postoperative pain trajectories differ by age, sex, and type of surgery

Tighe, Patrick J.; Le-Wendling, Linda T.; Patel, Ameet; More

PAIN. 156(4):609-617, April 2015.

Induction of long-term potentiation and long-term depression is cell-type specific in the spinal cord

Kim, Hee Young; Jun, Jaebeom; Wang, Jigong; More

PAIN. 156(4):618-625, April 2015.

Trajectories of change during a randomized controlled trial of internet-delivered psychological treatment for adolescent chronic pain: how does change in pain and function relate?

Palermo, Tonya M.; Law, Emily F.; Zhou, Chuan; More

PAIN. 156(4):626-634, April 2015.

Dry-needling and exercise for chronic whiplash-associated disorders: a randomized single-blind placebo-controlled trial

Sterling, Michele; Vicenzino, Bill; Souvlis, Tina; More

PAIN. 156(4):635-643, April 2015.

GABAAergic inhibition or dopamine denervation of the A11 hypothalamic nucleus induces trigeminal analgesia

Abdallah, Khaled; Monconduit, Lénaic; Artola, Alain; More

PAIN. 156(4):644-655, April 2015.

Selective keratinocyte stimulation is sufficient to evoke nociception in mice

Pang, Zixuan; Sakamoto, Takashi; Tiwari, Vinod; More

PAIN. 156(4):656-665, April 2015.

Disinhibition of the primary somatosensory cortex in patients with fibromyalgia

Lim, Manyoel; Roosink, Meyke; Kim, June Sic; More

PAIN. 156(4):666-674, April 2015.

Pain, agitation, and behavioural problems in people with dementia admitted to general hospital wards: a longitudinal cohort study

Sampson, Elizabeth L.; White, Nicola; Lord, Kathryn; More

PAIN. 156(4):675-683, April 2015.

Peripheral interleukin-4 ameliorates inflammatory macrophage-dependent neuropathic pain

Kiguchi, Norikazu; Kobayashi, Yuka; Saika, Fumihiro; More

PAIN. 156(4):684-693, April 2015.

Dorsal root ganglion myeloid zinc finger protein 1 contributes to neuropathic pain after peripheral nerve trauma

Li, Zhisong; Gu, Xiyao; Sun, Linlin; More

PAIN. 156(4):711-721, April 2015.

Sensitization of nociceptive spinal neurons contributes to pain in a transgenic model of sickle cell disease

Cataldo, Giuseppe; Rajput, Sugandha; Gupta, Kalpna; More

PAIN. 156(4):722-730, April 2015.

Predictors of new-onset distal neuropathic pain in HIV-infected individuals in the era of combination antiretroviral therapy

Malvar, Jemily; Vaida, Florin; Sanders, Chelsea Fitzsimons; More

PAIN. 156(4):731-739, April 2015.

Comparing the DN4 tool with the IASP grading system for chronic neuropathic pain screening after breast tumor resection with and without paravertebral blocks: a prospective 6-month validation study

Abdallah, Faraj W.; Morgan, Pamela J.; Cil, Tulin; More

PAIN. 156(4):740-749, April 2015.