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November 2006 - Volume 125 - Issue 1
pp: 1-197

Efficacy and safety of a single botulinum type A toxin complex treatment (Dysport®) for the relief of upper back myofascial pain syndrome: Results from a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled multicentre study

Göbel, Hartmut; Heinze, Axel; Reichel, Gerhard; More

Pain. 125(1):82-88, November 2006.

(l)-Phenylglycine, but not necessarily other α2δ subunit voltage-gated calcium channel ligands, attenuates neuropathic pain in rats

Lynch, James J. III; Honore, Prisca; Anderson, David J.; More

Pain. 125(1):136-142, November 2006.

Neutrophil infiltration is implicated in the sustained thermal hyperalgesic response evoked by allergen provocation in actively sensitized rats

Lavich, Tatiana Ramos; de Azeredo Siqueira, Rodrigo; Farias-Filho, Francisco Alves; More

Pain. 125(1):180-187, November 2006.

Corrigendum to “Quantitative sensory testing in the German Research Network on Neuropathic Pain (DFNS): Standardized protocol and reference values” [Pain 123 (2006) 231–243]

Rolke, R.; Baron, R.; Maier, C.; More

Pain. 125(1):197, November 2006.