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Recommendations for terminology and the identification of neuropathic pain in people with spine-related leg pain. Outcomes from the NeuPSIG working group

Schmid, Annina B.; Tampin, Brigitte; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN. : May 25, 2023

A classification of chronic pain for ICD-11

Treede, Rolf-Detlef; Rief, Winfried; Barke, Antonia; More

PAIN. 156(6):1003-1007, June 2015.

Accuracy of neuropathic pain measurements in patients with symptoms of polyneuropathy: validation of painDETECT, Self-Completed Leeds Assessment of Neuropathic Symptoms and Signs, and Douleur Neuropathique 4

Dunker, Øystein; Grotle, Margreth; Bu Kvaløy, Marie; More

PAIN. 164(5):991-1001, May 2023.

Predicting placebo analgesia in patients with chronic pain using natural language processing: a preliminary validation study

Branco, Paulo; Berger, Sara; Abdullah, Taha; More

PAIN. 164(5):1078-1086, May 2023.

Chronic pain as a symptom or a disease: the IASP Classification of Chronic Pain for the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11)

Treede, Rolf-Detlef; Rief, Winfried; Barke, Antonia; More

PAIN. 160(1):19-27, January 2019.

Observer influences on pain: an experimental series examining same-sex and opposite-sex friends, strangers, and romantic partners

Edwards, Rhiannon; Eccleston, Christopher; Keogh, Edmund

PAIN. 158(5):846-855, May 2017.

Microglia senescence is related to neuropathic pain–associated comorbidities in the spared nerve injury model

Borgonetti, Vittoria; Galeotti, Nicoletta

PAIN. 164(5):1106-1117, May 2023.

Chronic pain conditions and use of analgesics among nursing home patients with dementia

Myrenget, Martin Elstad; Borchgrevink, Petter C.; Rustøen, Tone; More

PAIN. 164(5):1002-1011, May 2023.

Disentangling self from pain: mindfulness meditation–induced pain relief is driven by thalamic–default mode network decoupling

Riegner, Gabriel; Posey, Grace; Oliva, Valeria; More

PAIN. 164(2):280-291, February 2023.

The revised International Association for the Study of Pain definition of pain: concepts, challenges, and compromises

Raja, Srinivasa N.; Carr, Daniel B.; Cohen, Milton; More

PAIN. 161(9):1976-1982, September 2020.

Open-label nondeceptive placebo analgesia is blocked by the opioid antagonist naloxone

Benedetti, Fabrizio; Shaibani, Aziz; Arduino, Claudia; More

PAIN. 164(5):984-990, May 2023.

Nerve injury increases native CaV2.2 trafficking in dorsal root ganglion mechanoreceptors

Nieto-Rostro, Manuela; Patel, Ryan; Dickenson, Anthony H.; More

PAIN. 164(6):1264-1279, June 2023.

Sleep disruption and activation of cellular inflammation mediate heightened pain sensitivity: a randomized clinical trial

Irwin, Michael R.; Olmstead, Richard; Bjurstrom, Martin F.; More

PAIN. 164(5):1128-1137, May 2023.

Early-life adversity increases morphine tolerance and persistent inflammatory hypersensitivity through upregulation of δ opioid receptors in mice

Singleton, Sam; Sneddon, Claire; Bakina, Alice; More

PAIN. : May 10, 2023

An experimental randomized study on the analgesic effects of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis in chronic pain patients with fibromyalgia

van de Donk, Tine; Niesters, Marieke; Kowal, Mikael A.; More

PAIN. 160(4):860-869, April 2019.

Purinergic signaling between neurons and satellite glial cells of mouse dorsal root ganglia modulates neuronal excitability in vivo

Chen, Zhiyong; Huang, Qian; Song, Xiaodan; More

PAIN. 163(8):1636-1647, August 2022.

The IASP classification of chronic pain for ICD-11: chronic primary pain

Nicholas, Michael; Vlaeyen, Johan W.S.; Rief, Winfried; More

PAIN. 160(1):28-37, January 2019.

Structural plasticity of axon initial segment in spinal cord neurons underlies inflammatory pain

Caspi, Yaki; Mazar, Michael; Kushnir, Yishai; More

PAIN. 164(6):1388-1401, June 2023.

Altered microbiome composition in individuals with fibromyalgia

Minerbi, Amir; Gonzalez, Emmanuel; Brereton, Nicholas J.B.; More

PAIN. 160(11):2589-2602, November 2019.

Cannabinoids, cannabis, and cannabis-based medicine for pain management: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

Fisher, Emma; Moore, R. Andrew; Fogarty, Alexandra E.; More

PAIN. 162:S45-S66, July 2021.

Local analgesia of electroacupuncture is mediated by the recruitment of neutrophils and released β-endorphins

Shi, Jing-tao; Cao, Wan-ying; Zhang, Xiao-Ning; More

PAIN. : April 07, 2023

TRPA1 rare variants in chronic neuropathic and nociplastic pain patients

Marchi, Margherita; Salvi, Erika; Andelic, Mirna; More

PAIN. : April 19, 2023

The Valencia consensus-based adaptation of the IASP complex regional pain syndrome diagnostic criteria

Goebel, Andreas; Birklein, Frank; Brunner, Florian; More

PAIN. 162(9):2346-2348, September 2021.

Fibromyalgia patients with elevated levels of anti–satellite glia cell immunoglobulin G antibodies present with more severe symptoms

Krock, Emerson; Morado-Urbina, Carlos E.; Menezes, Joana; More

PAIN. : March 22, 2023

Automated preclinical detection of mechanical pain hypersensitivity and analgesia

Zhang, Zihe; Roberson, David P.; Kotoda, Masakazu; More

PAIN. 163(12):2326-2336, December 2022.

Classification of chronic pain for the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11): results of the 2017 international World Health Organization field testing

Barke, Antonia; Korwisi, Beatrice; Jakob, Robert; More

PAIN. 163(2):e310-e318, February 2022.

TRPM3 as a novel target to alleviate acute oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neuropathic pain

Aloi, Vincenzo Davide; Pinto, Sílvia João Poseiro coutinho; Van Bree, Rita; More

PAIN. : April 19, 2023

“Listen to me, learn from me”: a priority setting partnership for shaping interdisciplinary pain training to strengthen chronic pain care

Slater, Helen; Jordan, Joanne E.; O'Sullivan, Peter B.; More

PAIN. 163(11):e1145-e1163, November 2022.

Fibromyalgia predicts increased odds of pain-related addiction exacerbation among individuals with pain and opioid use disorder

Hall, Orman Trent; Teater, Julie; Entrup, Parker; More

PAIN. : March 14, 2023

Stimulated whole-blood cytokine/chemokine responses are associated with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome phenotypes and features of nociplastic pain: a multidisciplinary approach to the study of chronic pelvic pain research network study

Schrepf, Andrew; Kaplan, Chelsea; Harris, Richard E.; More

PAIN. 164(5):1148-1157, May 2023.

Unbiased analysis of the dorsal root ganglion after peripheral nerve injury: no neuronal loss, no gliosis, but satellite glial cell plasticity

Schulte, Annemarie; Lohner, Hannah; Degenbeck, Johannes; More

PAIN. 164(4):728-740, April 2023.

Factors affecting long-term outcome in dorsal root entry zone lesioning for brachial plexus avulsion

Du, Tao; Ji, Fan; Ni, Bing; More

PAIN. 164(5):977-983, May 2023.

Neuroendocrine mechanisms in oxaliplatin-induced hyperalgesic priming

Staurengo-Ferrari, Larissa; Araldi, Dionéia; Green, Paul G.; More

PAIN. 164(6):1375-1387, June 2023.

Clinical thresholds in pain-related facial activity linked to differences in cortical network activation in neonates

Bucsea, Oana; Rupawala, Mohammed; Shiff, Ilana; More

PAIN. 164(5):1039-1050, May 2023.

Systematic review and meta-analysis of cannabinoids, cannabis-based medicines, and endocannabinoid system modulators tested for antinociceptive effects in animal models of injury-related or pathological persistent pain

Soliman, Nadia; Haroutounian, Simon; Hohmann, Andrea G.; More

PAIN. 162:S26-S44, July 2021.

A prospective, double-blind, pilot, randomized, controlled trial of an “embodied” virtual reality intervention for adults with low back pain

Eccleston, Christopher; Fisher, Emma; Liikkanen, Sammeli; More

PAIN. 163(9):1700-1715, September 2022.

The effects of pain science education plus exercise on pain and function in chronic Achilles tendinopathy: a blinded, placebo-controlled, explanatory, randomized trial

Chimenti, Ruth L.; Post, Andrew A.; Rio, Ebonie K.; More

PAIN. 164(1):e47-e65, January 2023.

Deep learning–guided postoperative pain assessment in children

Fang, Jihong; Wu, Wei; Liu, Jiawei; More

PAIN. : May 05, 2023

Blinding and sham control methods in trials of physical, psychological, and self-management interventions for pain (article I): a systematic review and description of methods

Hohenschurz-Schmidt, David; Draper-Rodi, Jerry; Vase, Lene; More

PAIN. 164(3):469-484, March 2023.

Chronic pain among U.S. sexual minority adults who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or “something else”

Zajacova, Anna; Grol-Prokopczyk, Hanna; Liu, Hui; More

PAIN. : March 30, 2023

Clinical indications associated with opioid initiation for pain management in Ontario, Canada: a population-based cohort study

Pasricha, Sachin V.; Tadrous, Mina; Khuu, Wayne; More

PAIN. 159(8):1562-1568, August 2018.

Diabetic polyneuropathy and pain, prevalence, and patient characteristics: a cross-sectional questionnaire study of 5,514 patients with recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes

Gylfadottir, Sandra Sif; Christensen, Diana Hedevang; Nicolaisen, Sia Kromann; More

PAIN. 161(3):574-583, March 2020.

Neuropathic pain: an updated grading system for research and clinical practice

Finnerup, Nanna B.; Haroutounian, Simon; Kamerman, Peter; More

PAIN. 157(8):1599-1606, August 2016.

Grpr expression defines a population of superficial dorsal horn vertical cells that have a role in both itch and pain

Polgár, Erika; Dickie, Allen C.; Gutierrez-Mecinas, Maria; More

PAIN. 164(1):149-170, January 2023.

The T-type calcium channel CaV3.2 regulates bladder afferent responses to mechanical stimuli

Grundy, Luke; Tay, Cindy; Christie, Stewart; More

PAIN. 164(5):1012-1026, May 2023.

The impact of anxiety on chronic musculoskeletal pain and the role of astrocyte activation

Burston, James J.; Valdes, Ana M.; Woodhams, Stephen G.; More

PAIN. 160(3):658-669, March 2019.

Consistent pattern between physical activity measures and chronic pain levels: the Tromsø Study 2015 to 2016

Fjeld, Mats Kirkeby; Årnes, Anders Pedersen; Engdahl, Bo; More

PAIN. 164(4):838-847, April 2023.

Endogenous opioids contribute to the feeling of pain relief in humans

Sirucek, Laura; Price, Rebecca Christine; Gandhi, Wiebke; More

PAIN. 162(12):2821-2831, December 2021.

Piezo2 mechanosensitive ion channel is located to sensory neurons and nonneuronal cells in rat peripheral sensory pathway: implications in pain

Shin, Seung Min; Moehring, Francie; Itson-Zoske, Brandon; More

PAIN. 162(11):2750-2768, November 2021.

Dose–response relationship and effect modifier of stabilisation exercises in nonspecific low back pain: a project-wide individual patient data re-analysis on 1483 intervention participants

Niederer, Daniel; Pfeifer, Ann-Christin; Engel, Tilman; More

PAIN. 164(5):1087-1095, May 2023.