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Enhancing analgesic spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain with personalized immersive virtual reality

Solcà, Marco; Krishna, Vibhor; Young, Nicole; More

PAIN. 162(6):1641-1649, June 2021.

Voluntary wheel running improves outcomes in an early life stress–induced model of urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome in male mice

Fuentes, Isabella M.; Jones, Brittni M.; Brake, Aaron D.; More

PAIN. 162(6):1681-1691, June 2021.

Quantitative language features identify placebo responders in chronic back pain

Berger, Sara E.; Branco, Paulo; Vachon-Presseau, Etienne; More

PAIN. 162(6):1692-1704, June 2021.

Phenotyping peripheral neuropathic pain in male and female adolescents: pain descriptors, somatosensory profiles, conditioned pain modulation, and child–parent reported disability

Verriotis, Madeleine; Peters, Judy; Sorger, Clarissa; More

PAIN. 162(6):1732-1748, June 2021.

Two independent mouse lines carrying the Nav1.7 I228M gain-of-function variant display dorsal root ganglion neuron hyperexcitability but a minimal pain phenotype

Chen, Lubin; Wimalasena, Nivanthika K.; Shim, Jaehoon; More

PAIN. 162(6):1758-1770, June 2021.

Ultrasound-guided transversus abdominis plane block vs trigger point injections for chronic abdominal wall pain: a randomized clinical trial

Moeschler, Susan M.; Pollard, E. Morgan; Pingree, Matthew J.; More

PAIN. 162(6):1800-1805, June 2021.

Demise of nociceptive Schwann cells causes nerve retraction and pain hyperalgesia

Rinwa, Puneet; Calvo-Enrique, Laura; Zhang, Ming-Dong; More

PAIN. 162(6):1816-1827, June 2021.