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Pain by mistake: investigating a link between error-related negativity and pain avoidance behavior

Traxler, Juliane; von Leupoldt, Andreas; Vlaeyen, Johan W.S.

PAIN. 163(2):e190-e201, February 2022.

Processing of trigeminocervical nociceptive afferent input by neuronal circuity in the upper cervical lamina I

Fernandes, Elisabete C.; Carlos-Ferreira, José; Luz, Liliana L.; More

PAIN. 163(2):362-375, February 2022.

Changes to the activity and sensitivity of nerves innervating subchondral bone contribute to pain in late-stage osteoarthritis

Morgan, Michael; Thai, Jenny; Nazemian, Vida; More

PAIN. 163(2):390-402, February 2022.