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Research design considerations for randomized controlled trials of spinal cord stimulation for pain: Initiative on Methods, Measurement, and Pain Assessment in Clinical Trials/Institute of Neuromodulation/International Neuromodulation Society recommendations

Katz, Nathaniel; Dworkin, Robert H.; North, Richard; More

PAIN. 162(7):1935-1956, July 2021.

Methyltransferase-like 3 contributes to inflammatory pain by targeting TET1 in YTHDF2-dependent manner

Pan, Zhiqiang; Zhang, Qi; Liu, Xiaodan; More

PAIN. 162(7):1960-1976, July 2021.

Spinoparabrachial projection neurons form distinct classes in the mouse dorsal horn

Browne, Tyler J.; Smith, Kelly M.; Gradwell, Mark A.; More

PAIN. 162(7):1977-1994, July 2021.

Comparing the ICD-11 chronic pain classification with ICD-10: how can the new coding system make chronic pain visible? A study in a tertiary care pain clinic setting

Zinboonyahgoon, Nantthasorn; Luansritisakul, Choopong; Eiamtanasate, Sarasate; More

PAIN. 162(7):1995-2001, July 2021.

Thalamic neurometabolite alterations in patients with knee osteoarthritis before and after total knee replacement

Weerasekera, Akila; Morrissey, Erin; Kim, Minhae; More

PAIN. 162(7):2014-2023, July 2021.

Classification algorithm for the International Classification of Diseases-11 chronic pain classification: development and results from a preliminary pilot evaluation

Korwisi, Beatrice; Hay, Ginea; Attal, Nadine; More

PAIN. 162(7):2087-2096, July 2021.

MrgprdCre lineage neurons mediate optogenetic allodynia through an emergent polysynaptic circuit

Warwick, Charles; Cassidy, Colleen; Hachisuka, Junichi; More

PAIN. 162(7):2120-2131, July 2021.


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