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​Incoming Editor-in-Chief

​Karen D. Davis, PhD ​has been selected as the next Editor-in-Chief of PAIN. Additional information can be found here

miR-544-3p mediates arthritis pain through regulation of FcγRI

Liu, Yan; Jeon, Sang-Min; Caterina, Michael J.; More

PAIN. 163(8):1497-1510, August 2022.

Evidence for engagement of the nucleus of the solitary tract in processing intestinal chemonociceptive input irrespective of conscious pain response in healthy humans

Beckers, Abraham B.; van Oudenhove, Lukas; Weerts, Zsa Zsa R.M.; More

PAIN. 163(8):1520-1529, August 2022.

Antibody-induced pain-like behavior and bone erosion: links to subclinical inflammation, osteoclast activity, and acid-sensing ion channel 3–dependent sensitization

Jurczak, Alexandra; Delay, Lauriane; Barbier, Julie; More

PAIN. 163(8):1542-1559, August 2022.

The cannabinoid agonist CB-13 produces peripherally mediated analgesia in mice but elicits tolerance and signs of central nervous system activity with repeated dosing

Slivicki, Richard A.; Yi, Jiwon; Brings, Victoria E.; More

PAIN. 163(8):1603-1621, August 2022.

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