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August 2021 - Volume 162 - Issue 8
pp: 2149-2311

Does aerobic exercise training alter responses to opioid analgesics in individuals with chronic low back pain? A randomized controlled trial

Bruehl, Stephen; Burns, John W.; Koltyn, Kelli; More

PAIN. 162(8):2204-2213, August 2021.

Day-to-day hedonic and calming effects of opioids, opioid craving, and opioid misuse among patients with chronic pain prescribed long-term opioid therapy

Frimerman, Leah; Verner, Maria; Sirois, Amanda; More

PAIN. 162(8):2214-2224, August 2021.

Heightened pain facilitation rather than impaired pain inhibition distinguishes those with moderate/severe disability in work-related neck pain

Xie, Yanfei; Thomas, Lucy; Barbero, Marco; More

PAIN. 162(8):2225-2236, August 2021.

Order does matter: the combined effects of classical conditioning and verbal suggestions on placebo hypoalgesia and nocebo hyperalgesia

Bajcar, Elzbieta A.; Wiercioch-Kuzianik, Karolina; Farley, Dominika; More

PAIN. 162(8):2237-2245, August 2021.

Selective targeting of peripheral cannabinoid receptors prevents behavioral symptoms and sensitization of trigeminal neurons in mouse models of migraine and medication overuse headache

Yamamoto, Toru; Mulpuri, Yatendra; Izraylev, Mikhail; More

PAIN. 162(8):2246-2262, August 2021.

Genome-wide association studies of low back pain and lumbar spinal disorders using electronic health record data identify a locus associated with lumbar spinal stenosis

Suri, Pradeep; Stanaway, Ian B.; Zhang, Yanfei; More

PAIN. 162(8):2263-2272, August 2021.

Active role of the central amygdala in widespread mechanical sensitization in rats with facial inflammatory pain

Sugimoto, Mariko; Takahashi, Yukari; Sugimura, Yae K.; More

PAIN. 162(8):2273-2286, August 2021.

In anticipation of pain: expectancy modulates corticospinal excitability, autonomic response, and pain perception

Barnes, Kirsten; McNair, Nicolas A.; Harris, Justin A.; More

PAIN. 162(8):2287-2296, August 2021.

Delta opioid receptor regulation of calcitonin gene–related peptide dynamics in the trigeminal complex

Moye, Laura S.; Siegersma, Kendra; Dripps, Isaac; More

PAIN. 162(8):2297-2308, August 2021.