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October 2023 - Volume 164 - Issue 10
pp: 2135-2382

The establishment, maintenance, and adaptation of high- and low-impact chronic pain: a framework for biopsychosocial pain research

Eccleston, Christopher; Begley, Emma; Birkinshaw, Hollie; More

PAIN. 164(10):2143-2147, October 2023.

Deep RNA-seq of male and female murine sensory neuron subtypes after nerve injury

Barry, Allison M.; Zhao, Na; Yang, Xun; More

PAIN. 164(10):2196-2215, October 2023.

Implementation of a risk-stratified, guideline-based clinical pathway of care to improve health outcomes following whiplash injury (Whiplash ImPaCT): a multicentre, randomized, controlled trial

Rebbeck, Trudy; Bandong, Aila Nica; Leaver, Andrew; More

PAIN. 164(10):2216-2227, October 2023.

Referred sensations in the orofacial region are associated with a decreased descending pain inhibition and modulated by remote noxious stimuli and local anesthesia

Sago, Teppei; Costa, Yuri M.; Ferreira, Dyna M.; More

PAIN. 164(10):2228-2238, October 2023.

Genetic risk shared across 24 chronic pain conditions: identification and characterization with genomic structural equation modeling

Zorina-Lichtenwalter, Katerina; Bango, Carmen I.; Van Oudenhove, Lukas; More

PAIN. 164(10):2239-2252, October 2023.

Early-life adversity increases morphine tolerance and persistent inflammatory hypersensitivity through upregulation of δ opioid receptors in mice

Singleton, Sam; Sneddon, Claire; Bakina, Alice; More

PAIN. 164(10):2253-2264, October 2023.

Recommendations for a core outcome measurement set for clinical trials in whiplash associated disorders

Sterling, Michele; Andersen, Tonny; Carroll, Linda; More

PAIN. 164(10):2265-2272, October 2023.

Placebo effects contribute to brief online mindfulness interventions for chronic pain: results from an online randomized sham-controlled trial

Davies, Jonathan N.; Colagiuri, Ben; Sharpe, Louise; More

PAIN. 164(10):2273-2284, October 2023.

Evidence of neuroinflammation in fibromyalgia syndrome: a [18F]DPA-714 positron emission tomography study

Mueller, Christina; Fang, Yu-Hua D.; Jones, Chloe; More

PAIN. 164(10):2285-2295, October 2023.

Reductions in kinesiophobia and distress after pain neuroscience education and exercise lead to favourable outcomes: a secondary mediation analysis of a randomized controlled trial in primary care

Murillo, Carlos; Galán-Martín, Miguel Ángel; Montero-Cuadrado, Federico; More

PAIN. 164(10):2296-2305, October 2023.

Subcortical brain anatomy as a potential biomarker of persistent pain after total knee replacement in osteoarthritis

Barroso, Joana; Branco, Paulo; Pinto-Ramos, João; More

PAIN. 164(10):2306-2315, October 2023.

Augmented pain-evoked primary sensorimotor cortex activation in adolescent girls with juvenile fibromyalgia

Tong, Han; Maloney, Thomas C.; Payne, Michael F.; More

PAIN. 164(10):2316-2326, October 2023.

Long-term tactile hypersensitivity after nerve crush injury in mice is characterized by the persistence of intact sensory axons

Kim, Hyoung Woo; Shim, Sang Wook; Zhao, Anna Mae; More

PAIN. 164(10):2327-2342, October 2023.

Neurobiology and long-term impact of bladder-filling pain in humans: a Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Chronic Pelvic Pain (MAPP) research network study

Schrepf, Andrew D.; Mawla, Ishtiaq; Naliboff, Bruce D.; More

PAIN. 164(10):2343-2351, October 2023.

Educational disparities in joint pain within and across US states: do macro sociopolitical contexts matter?

Huang, Rui; Yang, Yulin; Zajacova, Anna; More

PAIN. 164(10):2358-2369, October 2023.

Race differences in pain and pain-related risk factors among former professional American-style football players

Edwards, Robert R.; Tan, Can Ozan; Dairi, Inana; More

PAIN. 164(10):2370-2379, October 2023.

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Azizoddin, Desiree R.; Wilson, Jenna M.; Schreiber, Kristin L.

PAIN. 164(10):2380, October 2023.