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February 2021 - Volume 162 - Issue 2
pp: 323-662

Trigeminal neuralgia diffusivities using Gaussian process classification and merged group tractography

Chen, David Qixiang; Zhong, Jidan; Chu, Powell P.W.; More

PAIN. 162(2):361-371, February 2021.

Identification of neural and psychophysical predictors of headache reduction after cognitive behavioral therapy in adolescents with migraine

Nahman-Averbuch, Hadas; Schneider, Victor J. II; Chamberlin, Leigh Ann; More

PAIN. 162(2):372-381, February 2021.

Histone deacetylase 3 in hippocampus contributes to memory impairment after chronic constriction injury of sciatic nerve in mice

Zhang, Guang-Fen; Zhou, Zhi-Qiang; Guo, Jie; More

PAIN. 162(2):382-395, February 2021.

Tapentadol vs oxycodone for postoperative pain treatment the first 7 days after total knee arthroplasty: a randomized clinical trial

Rian, Torbjørn; Skogvoll, Eirik; Hofstad, Janne; More

PAIN. 162(2):396-404, February 2021.

Hyporesponsivity to mu-opioid receptor agonism in the Wistar-Kyoto rat model of altered nociceptive responding associated with negative affective state

Ferdousi, Mehnaz I.; Calcagno, Patricia; Clarke, Morgane; More

PAIN. 162(2):405-420, February 2021.

The α2/α3GABAA receptor modulator TPA023B alleviates not only the sensory but also the tonic affective component of chronic pain in mice

Neumann, Elena; Küpfer, Laura; Zeilhofer, Hanns Ulrich

PAIN. 162(2):421-431, February 2021.

Novel bifunctional hybrid compounds designed to enhance the effects of opioids and antagonize the pronociceptive effects of nonopioid peptides as potent analgesics in a rat model of neuropathic pain

Piotrowska, Anna; Starnowska-Sokól, Joanna; Makuch, Wioletta; More

PAIN. 162(2):432-445, February 2021.

Sex-dependent role of microglia in disulfide high mobility group box 1 protein-mediated mechanical hypersensitivity

Agalave, Nilesh M.; Rudjito, Resti; Farinotti, Alex Bersellini; More

PAIN. 162(2):446-458, February 2021.

Sex- and cell-dependent contribution of peripheral high mobility group box 1 and TLR4 in arthritis-induced pain

Rudjito, Resti; Agalave, Nilesh M.; Farinotti, Alex Bersellini; More

PAIN. 162(2):459-470, February 2021.

Prism adaptation treatment for upper-limb complex regional pain syndrome: a double-blind randomized controlled trial

Halicka, Monika; Vittersø, Axel D.; McCullough, Hayley; More

PAIN. 162(2):471-489, February 2021.

Foxo1 selectively regulates static mechanical pain by interacting with Nav1.7

Zhang, Xiao-Long; Lai, Ren-Chun; Chen, Zi-Hang; More

PAIN. 162(2):490-502, February 2021.

Prevalence and predictors of burnout symptoms in multidisciplinary pain clinics: a mixed-methods study

Ashton-James, Claire E.; McNeilage, Amy G.; Avery, Nicholas S.; More

PAIN. 162(2):503-513, February 2021.

Acupuncture alleviates chronic pain and comorbid conditions in a mouse model of neuropathic pain: the involvement of DNA methylation in the prefrontal cortex

Jang, Jae-Hwan; Song, Eun-Mo; Do, Young-Ho; More

PAIN. 162(2):514-530, February 2021.

Effects of sex on placebo effects in chronic pain participants: a cross-sectional study

Olson, Elizabeth M.; Akintola, Titilola; Phillips, Jane; More

PAIN. 162(2):531-542, February 2021.

A combination of pain indices based on momentary assessments can predict placebo response in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome

Obbarius, Alexander; Schneider, Stefan; Stone, Arthur A.

PAIN. 162(2):543-551, February 2021.

Association between chronic pain and long-term cognitive decline in a population-based cohort of elderly participants

Rouch, Isabelle; Edjolo, Arlette; Laurent, Bernard; More

PAIN. 162(2):552-560, February 2021.

Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial of alpha-lipoic acid for the treatment of fibromyalgia pain: the IMPALA trial

Gilron, Ian; Robb, Sylvia; Tu, Dongsheng; More

PAIN. 162(2):561-568, February 2021.

A spider-venom peptide with multitarget activity on sodium and calcium channels alleviates chronic visceral pain in a model of irritable bowel syndrome

Cardoso, Fernanda C.; Castro, Joel; Grundy, Luke; More

PAIN. 162(2):569-581, February 2021.

High-dose spinal cord stimulation for patients with failed back surgery syndrome: a multicenter effectiveness and prediction study

Goudman, Lisa; De Smedt, Ann; Eldabe, Sam; More

PAIN. 162(2):582-590, February 2021.

Differential actions of indomethacin: clinical relevance in headache

Summ, Oliver; Andreou, Anna P.; Akerman, Simon; More

PAIN. 162(2):591-599, February 2021.

Metabolomic analysis coupled with extreme phenotype sampling identified that lysophosphatidylcholines are associated with multisite musculoskeletal pain

Liu, Ming; Xie, Zikun; Costello, Christie A.; More

PAIN. 162(2):600-608, February 2021.

Nociceptive afferent phenotyping reveals that transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 promotes cold pain through neurogenic inflammation upstream of the neurotrophic factor receptor GFRα3 and the menthol receptor transient receptor potential melastatin 8

Yamaki, Shanni; Chau, Amanda; Gonzales, Luigi; More

PAIN. 162(2):609-618, February 2021.

Cross-sectional study of psychosocial and pain-related variables among patients with chronic pain during a time of social distancing imposed by the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic

Hruschak, Valerie; Flowers, K. Mikayla; Azizoddin, Desiree R.; More

PAIN. 162(2):619-629, February 2021.

Relationship of prosthesis ownership and phantom limb pain: results of a survey in 2383 limb amputees

Bekrater-Bodmann, Robin; Reinhard, Iris; Diers, Martin; More

PAIN. 162(2):630-640, February 2021.

Neural effects of placebo analgesia in fibromyalgia patients and healthy individuals

Frangos, Eleni; Ceko, Marta; Wang, Binquan; More

PAIN. 162(2):641-652, February 2021.

Intergenerational transmission of chronic pain-related disability: the explanatory effects of depressive symptoms

Brown, Donnamay; Rosenthal, Nicola; Könning, Anna; More

PAIN. 162(2):653-662, February 2021.