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PAIN 2022: Global Year for Translating Pain Knowledge to Practice

  • Updated:   5/12/2022
  • Contains:  36 items

Voltage-gated calcium currents in human dorsal root ganglion neurons

Hartung, Jane E.; Moy, Jamie K.; Loeza-Alcocer, Emanuel; More

PAIN. 163(6):e774-e785, June 2022.

Exercise combined with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy compared with a standalone supervised exercise programme for adults with chronic pain: a randomised controlled trial

Casey, Máire-Bríd; Smart, Keith M.; Segurado, Ricardo; More

PAIN. 163(6):1158-1171, June 2022.

Identifying genetic determinants of inflammatory pain in mice using a large-scale gene-targeted screen

Wotton, Janine M.; Peterson, Emma; Flenniken, Ann M.; More

PAIN. 163(6):1139-1157, June 2022.

Neural mechanisms of pain relief through paying attention to painful stimuli

Kim, Dongho; Woo, Choong-Wan; Kim, Seong-Gi

PAIN. 163(6):1130-1138, June 2022.

Who are the placebo responders? A cross-sectional cohort study for psychological determinants

Wang, Yang; Chan, Esther; Dorsey, Susan G.; More

PAIN. 163(6):1078-1090, June 2022.

Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of ISC 17536, an oral inhibitor of transient receptor potential ankyrin 1, in patients with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy: impact of preserved small nerve fiber function

Jain, Sunil M.; Balamurugan, Ramanathan; Tandon, Monika; More

PAIN. 163(6):e738-e747, June 2022.

Sex differences in medical cannabis-related adverse effects

Aviram, Joshua; Lewitus, Gil M.; Vysotski, Yelena; More

PAIN. 163(5):975-983, May 2022.

Pharmacological treatments of neuropathic pain: real-life comparisons using propensity score matching

Moisset, Xavier; Pagé, M. Gabrielle; Pereira, Bruno; More

PAIN. 163(5):964-974, May 2022.

Validating a biosignature-predicting placebo pill response in chronic pain in the settings of a randomized controlled trial

Vachon-Presseau, Etienne; Abdullah, Taha B.; Berger, Sara E.; More

PAIN. 163(5):910-922, May 2022.

To tolerate weather and to tolerate pain: two sides of the same coin? The Tromsø Study 7

Farbu, Erlend Hoftun; Rypdal, Martin; Skandfer, Morten; More

PAIN. 163(5):878-886, May 2022.

A peripheral CB2 cannabinoid receptor mechanism suppresses chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: evidence from a CB2 reporter mouse

Lin, Xiaoyan; Xu, Zhili; Carey, Lawrence; More

PAIN. 163(5):834-851, May 2022.

Conditioned pain modulation is more efficient in patients with painful diabetic polyneuropathy than those with nonpainful diabetic polyneuropathy

Granovsky, Yelena; Shafran Topaz, Leah; Laycock, Helen; More

PAIN. 163(5):827-833, May 2022.

Dissecting neuropathic from poststroke pain: the white matter within

Delboni Lemos, Marcelo; Faillenot, Isabelle; Tavares Lucato, Leandro; More

PAIN. 163(4):765-778, April 2022.

Amygdala functional connectivity mediates the association between catastrophizing and threat-safety learning in youth with chronic pain

Timmers, Inge; López-Solà, Marina; Heathcote, Lauren C.; More

PAIN. 163(4):719-728, April 2022.

Heritability of musculoskeletal pain and pain sensitivity phenotypes: 2 generations of the Raine Study

Waller, Rob; Melton, Philllip E.; Kendell, Michelle; More

PAIN. 163(4):e580-e587, April 2022.

Prognostic factors, symptom evolution, and quality of life of posttraumatic trigeminal neuropathy

Van der Cruyssen, Fréderic; Peeters, Frederik; De Laat, Antoon; More

PAIN. 163(4):e557-e571, April 2022.

Intersectional identity approach to chronic pain disparities using latent class analysis

Newman, Andrea K.; Thorn, Beverly E.

PAIN. 163(4):e547-e556, April 2022.

Ketamine for refractory chronic pain: a 1-year follow-up study

Corriger, Alexandrine; Voute, Marion; Lambert, Céline; More

PAIN. 163(4):690-701, April 2022.

Voluntary exercise blocks ongoing pain and diminishes bone remodeling while sparing protective mechanical pain in a rat model of advanced osteoarthritis pain

Townsend, Kaylee; Imbert, Ian; Eaton, Victoria; More

PAIN. 163(3):e476-e487, March 2022.

Can placebo and nocebo effects generalize within pain modalities and across somatosensory sensations?

Weng, Lingling; Peerdeman, Kaya J.; Della Porta, Delia; More

PAIN. 163(3):548-559, March 2022.

Systemic inflammatory markers in neuropathic pain, nerve injury, and recovery

Sandy-Hindmarch, Oliver; Bennett, David L.; Wiberg, Akira; More

PAIN. 163(3):526-537, March 2022.

Microglial ablation does not affect opioid-induced hyperalgesia in rodents

Liu, Xin; Liu, Bo-Long; Yang, Qing; More

PAIN. 163(3):508-517, March 2022.

Lysophosphatidic acid activates nociceptors and causes pain or itch depending on the application mode in human skin

Düll, Miriam M.; Stengel, Martina; Ries, Vivien; More

PAIN. 163(3):445-460, March 2022.

Enhanced mindfulness-based stress reduction in episodic migraine—effects on sleep quality, anxiety, stress, and depression: a secondary analysis of a randomized clinical trial

Burrowes, Shana A.B.; Goloubeva, Olga; Stafford, Kristen; More

PAIN. 163(3):436-444, March 2022.

Conditional knockout of CRMP2 in neurons, but not astrocytes, disrupts spinal nociceptive neurotransmission to control the initiation and maintenance of chronic neuropathic pain

Boinon, Lisa; Yu, Jie; Madura, Cynthia L.; More

PAIN. 163(2):e368-e381, February 2022.

Distinct synaptic mechanisms underlying the analgesic effects of γ-aminobutyric acid transporter subtypes 1 and 3 inhibitors in the spinal dorsal horn

Oyama, Misa; Watanabe, Shun; Iwai, Takashi; More

PAIN. 163(2):334-349, February 2022.

Development of a bedside tool-kit for assessing sensitization in patients with chronic osteoarthritis knee pain or chronic knee pain after total knee replacement

Sachau, Juliane; Otto, Jan C.; Kirchhofer, Viktoria; More

PAIN. 163(2):308-318, February 2022.

Inhibition of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 and transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 by mosquito and mouse saliva

Derouiche, Sandra; Li, Tianbang; Sakai, Yuya; More

PAIN. 163(2):299-307, February 2022.

The translocator protein gene is associated with endogenous pain modulation and the balance between glutamate and γ-aminobutyric acid in fibromyalgia and healthy subjects: a multimodal neuroimaging study

Fanton, Silvia; Sandström, Angelica; Tour, Jeanette; More

PAIN. 163(2):274-286, February 2022.

Sympathectomy decreases pain behaviors and nerve regeneration by downregulating monocyte chemokine CCL2 in dorsal root ganglia in the rat tibial nerve crush model

Zhu, Xiaoyan; Xie, Wenrui; Zhang, Jingdong; More

PAIN. 163(1):e106-e120, January 2022.

From acute to long-term alterations in pain processing and modulation after spinal cord injury: mechanisms related to chronification of central neuropathic pain

Defrin, Ruth; Gruener, Hila; Gaidukov, Evgeni; More

PAIN. 163(1):e94-e105, January 2022.

Olorinab (APD371), a peripherally acting, highly selective, full agonist of the cannabinoid receptor 2, reduces colitis-induced acute and chronic visceral hypersensitivity in rodents

Castro, Joel; Garcia-Caraballo, Sonia; Maddern, Jessica; More

PAIN. 163(1):e72-e86, January 2022.

Pain response to cannabidiol in induced acute nociceptive pain, allodynia, and hyperalgesia by using a model mimicking acute pain in healthy adults in a randomized trial (CANAB I)

Schneider, Tobias; Zurbriggen, Laura; Dieterle, Markus; More

PAIN. 163(1):e62-e71, January 2022.

Achieving reliable pain change scores for individuals in the postoperative phase: carefully choose sampling density, test length, and administration mode

Obbarius, Alexander; Schneider, Stefan; Junghaenel, Doerte U.; More

PAIN. 163(1):170-179, January 2022.

Effects of combined chemotherapy and anti-programmed cell death protein 1 treatment on peripheral neuropathy and neuroinflammation in mice

Livni, Lital; Keating, Brooke A.; Fiore, Nathan T.; More

PAIN. 163(1):110-124, January 2022.

Efficacy and safety of single-dose DFN-15 for treatment of acute postsurgical dental pain: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study

Singla, Neil; Bertoch, Todd; Shenoy, Srinivas; More

PAIN. 163(1):91-99, January 2022.