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PAIN 2021: Global Year About Back Pain

  • Updated:   11/12/2021
  • Contains:  34 items

Effect of back problems on healthcare utilization and costs in Ontario, Canada: a population-based matched cohort study

Wong, Jessica J.; Côté, Pierre; Tricco, Andrea C.; More

PAIN. 162(10):2521-2531, October 2021.

An implantable restorative-neurostimulator for refractory mechanical chronic low back pain: a randomized sham-controlled clinical trial

Gilligan, Christopher; Volschenk, Willem; Russo, Marc; More

PAIN. 162(10):2486-2498, October 2021.

Genome-wide association studies of low back pain and lumbar spinal disorders using electronic health record data identify a locus associated with lumbar spinal stenosis

Suri, Pradeep; Stanaway, Ian B.; Zhang, Yanfei; More

PAIN. 162(8):2263-2272, August 2021.

Does aerobic exercise training alter responses to opioid analgesics in individuals with chronic low back pain? A randomized controlled trial

Bruehl, Stephen; Burns, John W.; Koltyn, Kelli; More

PAIN. 162(8):2204-2213, August 2021.

Examining attentional biases, interpretation biases, and attentional control in people with and without chronic pain

BlaisdaleJones, Emma; Sharpe, Louise; Todd, Jemma; More

PAIN. 162(7):2110-2119, July 2021.

Classification algorithm for the International Classification of Diseases-11 chronic pain classification: development and results from a preliminary pilot evaluation

Korwisi, Beatrice; Hay, Ginea; Attal, Nadine; More

PAIN. 162(7):2087-2096, July 2021.

Conditioned open-label placebo for opioid reduction after spine surgery: a randomized controlled trial

Flowers, Kelsey M.; Patton, Megan E.; Hruschak, Valerie J.; More

PAIN. 162(6):1828-1839, June 2021.

Empirically derived back pain subgroups differentiated walking performance, pain, and disability

Butera, Katie A.; Fox, Emily J.; Bishop, Mark D.; More

PAIN. 162(6):1806-1815, June 2021.

Quantitative language features identify placebo responders in chronic back pain

Berger, Sara E.; Branco, Paulo; Vachon-Presseau, Etienne; More

PAIN. 162(6):1692-1704, June 2021.

Developing clinical prediction models for nonrecovery in older patients seeking care for back pain: the back complaints in the elders prospective cohort study

van der Gaag, Wendelien H.; Chiarotto, Alessandro; Heymans, Martijn W.; More

PAIN. 162(6):1632-1640, June 2021.

Fear-avoidance beliefs are associated with reduced lumbar spine flexion during object lifting in pain-free adults

Knechtle, Deborah; Schmid, Stefan; Suter, Magdalena; More

PAIN. 162(6):1621-1631, June 2021.

Photobiomodulation therapy is not better than placebo in patients with chronic nonspecific low back pain: a randomised placebo-controlled trial

Guimarães, Layana de Souza; Costa, Lucíola da Cunha Menezes; Araujo, Amanda Costa; More

PAIN. 162(6):1612-1620, June 2021.

Open-label placebo for chronic low back pain: a 5-year follow-up

Carvalho, Claudia; Pais, Maria; Cunha, Lidia; More

PAIN. 162(5):1521-1527, May 2021.

Hippocampus shape deformation: a potential diagnostic biomarker for chronic back pain in women

Reckziegel, Diane; Abdullah, Taha; Wu, Binbin; More

PAIN. 162(5):1457-1467, May 2021.

Thalamic neuroinflammation as a reproducible and discriminating signature for chronic low back pain

Torrado-Carvajal, Angel; Toschi, Nicola; Albrecht, Daniel S.; More

PAIN. 162(4):1241-1249, April 2021.

Sex- and age-specific genetic analysis of chronic back pain

Freidin, Maxim B.; Tsepilov, Yakov A.; Stanaway, Ian B.; More

PAIN. 162(4):1176-1187, April 2021.

Complex sociodemographic inequalities in consultations for low back pain: lessons from multilevel intersectional analysis

Kiadaliri, Ali; Merlo, Juan; Englund, Martin

PAIN. 162(4):1135-1143, April 2021.

Cross-sectional study of psychosocial and pain-related variables among patients with chronic pain during a time of social distancing imposed by the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic

Hruschak, Valerie; Flowers, K. Mikayla; Azizoddin, Desiree R.; More

PAIN. 162(2):619-629, February 2021.

High-dose spinal cord stimulation for patients with failed back surgery syndrome: a multicenter effectiveness and prediction study

Goudman, Lisa; De Smedt, Ann; Eldabe, Sam; More

PAIN. 162(2):582-590, February 2021.

Acupuncture alleviates chronic pain and comorbid conditions in a mouse model of neuropathic pain: the involvement of DNA methylation in the prefrontal cortex

Jang, Jae-Hwan; Song, Eun-Mo; Do, Young-Ho; More

PAIN. 162(2):514-530, February 2021.

Assessing the validity of health administrative data compared to population health survey data for the measurement of low back pain

Wong, Jessica J.; Côté, Pierre; Tricco, Andrea C.; More

PAIN. 162(1):219-226, January 2021.

Cold pain hypersensitivity predicts trajectories of pain and disability after low back surgery: a prospective cohort study

Müller, Monika; Bütikofer, Lukas; Andersen, Ole K.; More

PAIN. 162(1):184-194, January 2021.

Abnormal subgenual anterior cingulate circuitry is unique to women but not men with chronic pain

Osborne, Natalie R.; Cheng, Joshua C.; Rogachov, Anton; More

PAIN. 162(1):97-108, January 2021.

Differential sensory and clinical phenotypes of patients with chronic widespread and regional musculoskeletal pain

Finnern, Marina M.; Kleinböhl, Dieter; Flor, Herta; More

PAIN. 162(1):56-70, January 2021.

Early changes in brain network topology and activation of affective pathways predict persistent pain in the rat

Sperry, Megan M.; Granquist, Eric J.; Winkelstein, Beth A.

PAIN. 162(1):45-55, January 2021.