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PAIN 2020: Global Year for the Prevention of Pain

  • Updated:   1/9/2020
  • Contains:  3 items

The association of early life stressors with pain sensitivity and pain experience at 22 years

Waller, Robert; Smith, Anne J.; O'Sullivan, Peter B.; More

PAIN. 161(1):220-229, January 2020.

Heightened risk of pain in young adult women with a history of childhood maltreatment: a prospective longitudinal study

Beal, Sarah J.; Kashikar-Zuck, Susmita; King, Christopher; More

PAIN. 161(1):156-165, January 2020.

Machine-learning–based knowledge discovery in rheumatoid arthritis–related registry data to identify predictors of persistent pain

Lötsch, Jörn; Alfredsson, Lars; Lampa, Jon

PAIN. 161(1):114-126, January 2020.