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IASP Pain Research Forum Webinar: Spinal cord pain processing

  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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Articles in this collection will be highlighted in the August 2019 IASP Pain Research Forum Webinar: Pain Circuitry in the Spinal Dorsal Horn: Trying to Make Sense of the Excitatory Interneurons.

Morphological and functional properties distinguish the substance P and gastrin-releasing peptide subsets of excitatory interneuron in the spinal cord dorsal horn

Dickie, Allen C.; Bell, Andrew M.; Iwagaki, Noboru; More

PAIN. 160(2):442-462, February 2019.

Preprotachykinin A is expressed by a distinct population of excitatory neurons in the mouse superficial spinal dorsal horn including cells that respond to noxious and pruritic stimuli

Gutierrez-Mecinas, Maria; Bell, Andrew M.; Marin, Alina; More

PAIN. 158(3):440-456, March 2017.

A combined electrophysiological and morphological study of neuropeptide Y–expressing inhibitory interneurons in the spinal dorsal horn of the mouse

Iwagaki, Noboru; Ganley, Robert P.; Dickie, Allen C.; More

PAIN. 157(3):598-612, March 2016.

The organisation of spinoparabrachial neurons in the mouse

Cameron, Darren; Polgár, Erika; Gutierrez-Mecinas, Maria; More

PAIN. 156(10):2061-2071, October 2015.