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PAIN 2019: Global Year Against Pain in the Most Vulnerable

  • Updated:   2/19/2019
  • Contains:  5 items

Pain assessment in advanced dementia. Validity of the German PAINAD—a prospective double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial

Lukas, Albert; Hagg-Grün, Ulrich; Mayer, Benjamin; More

PAIN. 160(3):742-753, March 2019.

Behavioural discrimination of noxious stimuli in infants is dependent on brain maturation

Green, Gabrielle; Hartley, Caroline; Hoskin, Amy; More

PAIN. 160(2):493-500, February 2019.

Incident opioid use and risk of hip fracture among persons with Alzheimer disease: a nationwide matched cohort study

Taipale, Heidi; Hamina, Aleksi; Karttunen, Niina; More

PAIN. 160(2):417-423, February 2019.

Children and adolescents with sickle cell disease have worse cold and mechanical hypersensitivity during acute painful events

Brandow, Amanda M.; Hansen, Karla; Nugent, Melodee; More

PAIN. 160(2):407-416, February 2019.