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Articles by Luana Colloca

Observing treatment outcomes in other patients can elicit augmented placebo effects on pain treatment: a double-blinded randomized clinical trial with patients with chronic low back pain

Schwartz, Marie; Fischer, Laura-Marie; Bläute, Corinna; More

PAIN. 163(7):1313-1323, July 2022.

Who are the placebo responders? A cross-sectional cohort study for psychological determinants

Wang, Yang; Chan, Esther; Dorsey, Susan G.; More

PAIN. 163(6):1078-1090, June 2022.

Effects of sex on placebo effects in chronic pain participants: a cross-sectional study

Olson, Elizabeth M.; Akintola, Titilola; Phillips, Jane; More

PAIN. 162(2):531-542, February 2021.

Neural effects of placebo analgesia in fibromyalgia patients and healthy individuals

Frangos, Eleni; Ceko, Marta; Wang, Binquan; More

PAIN. 162(2):641-652, February 2021.

Virtual reality: physiological and behavioral mechanisms to increase individual pain tolerance limits

Colloca, Luana; Raghuraman, Nandini; Wang, Yang; More

PAIN. 161(9):2010-2021, September 2020.

Placebo hypoalgesia: racial differences

Okusogu, Chika; Wang, Yang; Akintola, Titilola; More

PAIN. 161(8):1872-1883, August 2020.

OPRM1 rs1799971, COMT rs4680, and FAAH rs324420 genes interact with placebo procedures to induce hypoalgesia

Colloca, Luana; Wang, Yang; Martinez, Pedro E.; More

PAIN. 160(8):1824-1834, August 2019.


Colloca, Luana; Enck, Paul; DeGrazia, David

PAIN. 158(2):361-362, February 2017.