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Articles by Janne Gierthmühlen

Can self-reported pain characteristics and bedside test be used for the assessment of pain mechanisms? An analysis of results of neuropathic pain questionnaires and quantitative sensory testing

Gierthmühlen, Janne; Schneider, Ulrike; Seemann, Martina; More

PAIN. 160(9):2093-2104, September 2019.

“From ear to trunk”—magnetic resonance imaging reveals referral of pain

Forstenpointner, Julia; Wolff, Stephan; Stroman, Patrick W.; More

PAIN. 159(9):1900-1903, September 2018.

Pathophysiological mechanisms of neuropathic pain: comparison of sensory phenotypes in patients and human surrogate pain models

Vollert, Jan; Magerl, Walter; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN. 159(6):1090-1102, June 2018.

Stratifying patients with peripheral neuropathic pain based on sensory profiles: algorithm and sample size recommendations

Vollert, Jan; Maier, Christoph; Attal, Nadine; More

PAIN. 158(8):1446-1455, August 2017.

Who is healthy? Aspects to consider when including healthy volunteers in QST-based studies—a consensus statement by the EUROPAIN and NEUROPAIN consortia

Gierthmühlen, Janne; Enax-Krumova, Elena K.; Attal, Nadine; More

PAIN. 156(11):2203-2211, November 2015.

Sensory signs in complex regional pain syndrome and peripheral nerve injury

Gierthmühlen, Janne; Maier, Christoph; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN. 153(4):765-774, April 2012.

Test–retest and interobserver reliability of quantitative sensory testing according to the protocol of the German Research Network on Neuropathic Pain (DFNS): A multi-centre study

Geber, Christian; Klein, Thomas; Azad, Shahnaz; More

PAIN. 152(3):548-556, March 2011.