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Articles by Jan Vollert

Compared to limb pain of other origin, ultrasonographic osteodensitometry reveals loss of bone density in complex regional pain syndrome

Bazika-Gerasch, Bojana; Maier, Christoph; Kumowski, Nina; More

PAIN. 160(6):1261-1269, June 2019.

Sensory profiles and skin innervation of patients with painful and painless neuropathies

Üçeyler, Nurcan; Vollert, Jan; Broll, Barbara; More

PAIN. 159(9):1867-1876, September 2018.

Pathophysiological mechanisms of neuropathic pain: comparison of sensory phenotypes in patients and human surrogate pain models

Vollert, Jan; Magerl, Walter; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN. 159(6):1090-1102, June 2018.

Stratifying patients with peripheral neuropathic pain based on sensory profiles: algorithm and sample size recommendations

Vollert, Jan; Maier, Christoph; Attal, Nadine; More

PAIN. 158(8):1446-1455, August 2017.

Peripheral neuropathic pain: a mechanism-related organizing principle based on sensory profiles

Baron, Ralf; Maier, Christoph; Attal, Nadine; More

PAIN. 158(2):261-272, February 2017.

Symptom profiles in the painDETECT Questionnaire in patients with peripheral neuropathic pain stratified according to sensory loss in quantitative sensory testing

Vollert, Jan; Kramer, Martin; Barroso, Alejandro; More

PAIN. 157(8):1810-1818, August 2016.

Quantitative sensory testing using DFNS protocol in Europe: an evaluation of heterogeneity across multiple centers in patients with peripheral neuropathic pain and healthy subjects

Vollert, Jan; Attal, Nadine; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN. 157(3):750-758, March 2016.

Quality assurance for Quantitative Sensory Testing laboratories: development and validation of an automated evaluation tool for the analysis of declared healthy samples

Vollert, Jan; Mainka, Tina; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN. 156(12):2423-2430, December 2015.

Sleep-disordered breathing decreases after opioid withdrawal: results of a prospective controlled trial

Schwarzer, Andreas; Aichinger-Hinterhofer, Marie; Maier, Christoph; More

PAIN. 156(11):2167-2174, November 2015.

Pain relief with lidocaine 5% patch in localized peripheral neuropathic pain in relation to pain phenotype: a randomised, double-blind, and placebo-controlled, phenotype panel study

Demant, Dyveke T.; Lund, Karen; Finnerup, Nanna B.; More

PAIN. 156(11):2234-2244, November 2015.

Predictors of the placebo analgesia response in randomized controlled trials of chronic pain: a meta-analysis of the individual data from nine industrially sponsored trials

Vase, Lene; Vollert, Jan; Finnerup, Nanna B.; More

PAIN. 156(9):1795-1802, September 2015.