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Investigating the veracity of a sample of divergent published trial data in spinal pain

O'Connell, Neil E.; Moore, R. Andrew; Stewart, Gavin; More

PAIN. : April 25, 2022

A prospective, double-blind, pilot, randomized, controlled trial of an “embodied” virtual reality intervention for adults with low back pain

Eccleston, Christopher; Fisher, Emma; Liikkanen, Sammeli; More

PAIN. 163(9):1700-1715, September 2022.

Benefit–risk assessment and reporting in clinical trials of chronic pain treatments: IMMPACT recommendations

Kleykamp, Bethea A.; Dworkin, Robert H.; Turk, Dennis C.; More

PAIN. 163(6):1006-1018, June 2022.

Core outcome set for pediatric chronic pain clinical trials: results from a Delphi poll and consensus meeting

Palermo, Tonya M.; Walco, Gary A.; Paladhi, Unmesha Roy; More

PAIN. 162(10):2539-2547, October 2021.

Reply to Beaulieu

Moore, Andrew; Fisher, Emma; Eccleston, Christopher

PAIN. 162(8):2310, August 2021.

Cannabinoids, cannabis, and cannabis-based medicine for pain management: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

Fisher, Emma; Moore, R. Andrew; Fogarty, Alexandra E.; More

PAIN. 162:S45-S66, July 2021.

General risks of harm with cannabinoids, cannabis, and cannabis-based medicine possibly relevant to patients receiving these for pain management: an overview of systematic reviews

Mohiuddin, Mohammed; Blyth, Fiona M.; Degenhardt, Louisa; More

PAIN. 162:S80-S96, July 2021.

International Association for the Study of Pain Presidential Task Force on Cannabis and Cannabinoid Analgesia: research agenda on the use of cannabinoids, cannabis, and cannabis-based medicines for pain management

Haroutounian, Simon; Arendt-Nielsen, Lars; Belton, Joletta; More

PAIN. 162:S117-S124, July 2021.

Interpretation of chronic pain clinical trial outcomes: IMMPACT recommended considerations

Smith, Shannon M.; Dworkin, Robert H.; Turk, Dennis C.; More

PAIN. 161(11):2446-2461, November 2020.

Gender differences in attention to pain body postures in a social context: a novel use of the bodies in the crowd task

Walsh, Joseph; Eccleston, Christopher; Keogh, Edmund

PAIN. 161(8):1776-1786, August 2020.

Pharmacological interventions for chronic pain in children: an overview of systematic reviews

Eccleston, Christopher; Fisher, Emma; Cooper, Tess E.; More

PAIN. 160(8):1698-1707, August 2019.

Estimating relative efficacy in acute postoperative pain: network meta-analysis is consistent with indirect comparison to placebo alone

Moore, R. Andrew; Derry, Sheena; Wiffen, Philip J.; More

PAIN. 159(11):2234-2244, November 2018.

Attention bias modification training for adolescents with chronic pain: a randomized placebo-controlled trial

Heathcote, Lauren C.; Jacobs, Konrad; Van Ryckeghem, Dimitri M.L.; More

PAIN. 159(2):239-251, February 2018.

Observer influences on pain: an experimental series examining same-sex and opposite-sex friends, strangers, and romantic partners

Edwards, Rhiannon; Eccleston, Christopher; Keogh, Edmund

PAIN. 158(5):846-855, May 2017.

The effect of pain on task switching: pain reduces accuracy and increases reaction times across multiple switching paradigms

Attridge, Nina; Keogh, Edmund; Eccleston, Christopher

PAIN. 157(10):2179-2193, October 2016.

Problem-solving skills training for parents of children with chronic pain: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Palermo, Tonya M.; Law, Emily F.; Bromberg, Maggie; More

PAIN. 157(6):1213-1223, June 2016.

The Experience of Cognitive Intrusion of Pain: scale development and validation

Attridge, Nina; Crombez, Geert; Van Ryckeghem, Dimitri; More

PAIN. 156(10):1978-1990, October 2015.

Systematic review of enriched enrolment, randomised withdrawal trial designs in chronic pain: a new framework for design and reporting

Moore, R. Andrew; Wiffen, Philip J.; Eccleston, Christopher; More

PAIN. 156(8):1382-1395, August 2015.

The relationship between adolescents' pain catastrophizing and attention bias to pain faces is moderated by attention control

Heathcote, Lauren C.; Vervoort, Tine; Eccleston, Christopher; More

PAIN. 156(7):1334-1341, July 2015.

Response to Palmer

Moore, Andrew; McQuay, Henry; Wiffen, Phil; More

Pain. 153(7):1541-1542, July 2012.

“Evidence” in chronic pain – establishing best practice in the reporting of systematic reviews

Moore, Andrew R.; Eccleston, Christopher; Derry, Sheena; More

Pain. 150(3):386-389, September 2010.