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Structural plasticity of axon initial segment in spinal cord neurons underlies inflammatory pain

Caspi, Yaki; Mazar, Michael; Kushnir, Yishai; More

PAIN. 164(6):1388-1401, June 2023.

Neuroendocrine mechanisms in oxaliplatin-induced hyperalgesic priming

Staurengo-Ferrari, Larissa; Araldi, Dionéia; Green, Paul G.; More

PAIN. 164(6):1375-1387, June 2023.

Understanding the concurrent and predictive relations between child-led emotion regulation behaviors and pain during vaccination in toddlerhood

Gennis, Hannah G.; Flora, David B.; Norton, Lucas; More

PAIN. 164(6):1291-1302, June 2023.

Nerve injury increases native CaV2.2 trafficking in dorsal root ganglion mechanoreceptors

Nieto-Rostro, Manuela; Patel, Ryan; Dickenson, Anthony H.; More

PAIN. 164(6):1264-1279, June 2023.

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Welcome to the 2023 Global Year for Integrative Pain Care. This year's theme aims to raise awareness about integrative pain care and illustrate the knowns and unknowns of this important topic via different initiatives, including a fact sheet series and several webinars. 

Articles published in PAIN related to this year's theme are marked with the Global Year logo and added to an article collection.