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A picture is worth a thousand words: linking fibromyalgia pain widespreadness from digital pain drawings with pain catastrophizing and brain cross-network connectivity

Ellingsen, Dan-Mikael; Beissner, Florian; Moher Alsady, Tawfik; More

PAIN. 162(5):1352-1363, May 2021.

C5a complement and cytokine signaling mediate the pronociceptive effects of complex regional pain syndrome patient IgM in fracture mice

Shi, Xiaoyou; Guo, Tian-zhi; Li, Wen-wu; More

PAIN. 162(5):1400-1415, May 2021.

Long-term trajectories of chronic musculoskeletal pain: a 21-year prospective cohort latent class analysis

Aili, Katarina; Campbell, Paul; Michaleff, Zoe A.; More

PAIN. 162(5):1511-1520, May 2021.

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