PAIN 2015: Global Year Against Neuropathic Pain

Updated:   11/30/2015
Contains:  101 items
Global Year Against Neuropathic Pain: Articles from 2015 on the topic of Neuropathic Pain and the top 50 most cited articles from past issues on the topic.

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Histamine H4 receptor activation alleviates neuropathic pain through differential regulation of ERK, JNK, and P38 MAPK phosphorylation

Sanna, Maria D.; Stark, Holger; Lucarini, Laura; More

PAIN. 156(12):2492-2504, December 2015.

  • Global Year

Protein kinase C gamma-mediated phosphorylation of GluA1 in the postsynaptic density of spinal dorsal horn neurons accompanies neuropathic pain, and dephosphorylation by...

Miletic, Gordana; Hermes, Jessie L.; Bosscher, Georgia L.; More

PAIN. 156(12):2514-2520, December 2015.

  • Global Year

Inhibition of the primary sensorimotor cortex by topical anesthesia of the forearm in patients with complex regional pain syndrome

Strauss, Sebastian; Grothe, Matthias; Usichenko, Taras; More

PAIN. 156(12):2556-2561, December 2015.

  • Global Year

Conditioned place preference and spontaneous dorsal horn neuron activity in chronic constriction injury model in rats

Dalm, Brian D.; Reddy, Chandan G.; Howard, Matthew A.; More

PAIN. 156(12):2562-2571, December 2015.

  • Global Year

Wnt/Ryk signaling contributes to neuropathic pain by regulating sensory neuron excitability and spinal synaptic plasticity in rats

Liu, Su; Liu, Yue-Peng; Huang, Zhi-Jiang; More

PAIN. 156(12):2572-2584, December 2015.

  • Global Year

Randomized, double-blind, comparative-effectiveness study comparing pulsed radiofrequency to steroid injections for occipital neuralgia or migraine with occipital nerve tenderness

Cohen, Steven P.; Peterlin, B. Lee; Fulton, Larry; More

PAIN. 156(12):2585-2594, December 2015.

  • Global Year

Role of brainstem serotonin in analgesia produced by low-intensity exercise on neuropathic pain after sciatic nerve injury in mice

Bobinski, Franciane; Ferreira, Tamara A.A.; Córdova, Marina M.; More

PAIN. 156(12):2595-2606, December 2015.

  • Global Year

Construct validity and reliability of a real-time multidimensional smartphone app to assess pain in children and adolescents with cancer

Stinson, Jennifer N.; Jibb, Lindsay A.; Nguyen, Cynthia; More

PAIN. 156(12):2607-2615, December 2015.

  • Global Year

Increasing placebo responses over time in U.S. clinical trials of neuropathic pain

Tuttle, Alexander H.; Tohyama, Sarasa; Ramsay, Tim; More

PAIN. 156(12):2616-2626, December 2015.

  • Global Year

Clinical, histological, and biochemical predictors of postsurgical neuropathic pain

Martinez, Valéria; Üçeyler, Nurcan; Ben Ammar, Skander; More

PAIN. 156(11):2390-2398, November 2015.

  • Global Year

Neuropathic pain phenotyping by international consensus (NeuroPPIC) for genetic studies: a NeuPSIG systematic review, Delphi survey, and expert panel recommendations

van Hecke, Oliver; Kamerman, Peter R.; Attal, Nadine; More

PAIN. 156(11):2337-2353, November 2015.

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Nerve growth factor–induced synapse-like structures in contralateral sensory ganglia contribute to chronic mirror-image pain

Cheng, Chau-Fu; Cheng, Jen-Kun; Chen, Chih-Yang; More

PAIN. 156(11):2295-2309, November 2015.

  • Global Year

Pain relief with lidocaine 5% patch in localized peripheral neuropathic pain in relation to pain phenotype: a randomised, double-blind, and placebo-controlled, phenotype panel...

Demant, Dyveke T.; Lund, Karen; Finnerup, Nanna B.; More

PAIN. 156(11):2234-2244, November 2015.

  • Global Year

Prevention of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy by the small-molecule inhibitor pifithrin-µ

Krukowski, Karen; Nijboer, Cora H.; Huo, XiaoJiao; More

PAIN. 156(11):2184-2192, November 2015.

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Effects of a T-type calcium channel blocker, ABT-639, on spontaneous activity in C-nociceptors in patients with painful diabetic neuropathy: a randomized controlled trial

Serra, Jordi; Duan, W. Rachel; Locke, Charles; More

PAIN. 156(11):2175-2183, November 2015.

  • Global Year

Neuropathic pain as part of chronic widespread pain: environmental and genetic influences

Momi, Sukhleen K.; Fabiane, Stella Maris; Lachance, Genevieve; More

PAIN. 156(10):2100-2106, October 2015.

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A randomized double-blind, placebo-, and active-controlled study of T-type calcium channel blocker ABT-639 in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain

Ziegler, Dan; Duan, W. Rachel; An, Guohua; More

PAIN. 156(10):2013-2020, October 2015.

  • Global Year

Early increasing-intensity treadmill exercise reduces neuropathic pain by preventing nociceptor collateral sprouting and disruption of chloride cotransporters homeostasis after...

López-Álvarez, Víctor M.; Modol, Laura; Navarro, Xavier; More

PAIN. 156(9):1812-1825, September 2015.

  • Global Year
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Diffuse noxious inhibitory controls and nerve injury: restoring an imbalance between descending monoamine inhibitions and facilitations

Bannister, Kirsty; Patel, Ryan; Goncalves, Leonor; More

PAIN. 156(9):1803-1811, September 2015.

  • Global Year

CXCR3 chemokine receptor signaling mediates itch in experimental allergic contact dermatitis

Qu, Lintao; Fu, Kai; Yang, Jennifer; More

PAIN. 156(9):1737-1746, September 2015.

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The lidocaine metabolite N-ethylglycine has antinociceptive effects in experimental inflammatory and neuropathic pain

Werdehausen, Robert; Mittnacht, Sebastian; Bee, Lucy A.; More

PAIN. 156(9):1647-1659, September 2015.

  • Global Year

Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain: guidelines for pain treatment research

Klein, Max M.; Treister, Roi; Raij, Tommi; More

PAIN. 156(9):1601-1614, September 2015.

  • Global Year

Combination of morphine with nortriptyline for neuropathic pain

Gilron, Ian; Tu, Dongsheng; Holden, Ronald R.; More

PAIN. 156(8):1440-1448, August 2015.

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Chronic constriction injury-induced nociception is relieved by nanomedicine-mediated decrease of rat hippocampal tumor necrosis factor

Gerard, Elizabeth; Spengler, Robert N.; Bonoiu, Adela C.; More

PAIN. 156(7):1320-1333, July 2015.

  • Global Year

Right secondary somatosensory cortex—a promising novel target for the treatment of drug-resistant neuropathic orofacial pain with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation

Lindholm, Pauliina; Lamusuo, Salla; Taiminen, Tero; More

PAIN. 156(7):1276-1283, July 2015.

  • Global Year

MMPIP, an mGluR7-selective negative allosteric modulator, alleviates pain and normalizes affective and cognitive behavior in neuropathic mice

Palazzo, Enza; Romano, Rosaria; Luongo, Livio; More

PAIN. 156(6):1060-1073, June 2015.

Transplant-mediated enhancement of spinal cord GABAergic inhibition reverses paclitaxel-induced mechanical and heat hypersensitivity

Bráz, João M.; Wang, Xidao; Guan, Zhonghui; More

PAIN. 156(6):1084-1091, June 2015.

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Reversal of insular and microstructural nerve abnormalities following effective surgical treatment for trigeminal neuralgia

DeSouza, Danielle D.; Davis, Karen D.; Hodaie, Mojgan

PAIN. 156(6):1112-1123, June 2015.

Comparing the DN4 tool with the IASP grading system for chronic neuropathic pain screening after breast tumor resection with and without paravertebral blocks: a prospective...

Abdallah, Faraj W.; Morgan, Pamela J.; Cil, Tulin; More

PAIN. 156(4):740-749, April 2015.

  • Global Year

Predictors of new-onset distal neuropathic pain in HIV-infected individuals in the era of combination antiretroviral therapy

Malvar, Jemily; Vaida, Florin; Sanders, Chelsea Fitzsimons; More

PAIN. 156(4):731-739, April 2015.

  • Global Year

Dorsal root ganglion myeloid zinc finger protein 1 contributes to neuropathic pain after peripheral nerve trauma

Li, Zhisong; Gu, Xiyao; Sun, Linlin; More

PAIN. 156(4):711-721, April 2015.

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Exercise therapy normalizes BDNF upregulation and glial hyperactivity in a mouse model of neuropathic pain

Almeida, Cayo; DeMaman, Aline; Kusuda, Ricardo; More

PAIN. 156(3):504-513, March 2015.

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    Global Year

Pioglitazone rapidly reduces neuropathic pain through astrocyte and nongenomic PPAR? mechanisms

Griggs, Ryan B.; Donahue, Renee R.; Morgenweck, Jenny; More

PAIN. 156(3):469-482, March 2015.

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Pattern of neuropathic pain induced by topical capsaicin application in healthy subjects

Lötsch, Jörn; Dimova, Violeta; Hermens, Hanneke; More

PAIN. 156(3):405-414, March 2015.

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Intrathecal reboxetine suppresses evoked and ongoing neuropathic pain behaviours by restoring spinal noradrenergic inhibitory tone

Hughes, Sam; Hickey, Louise; Donaldson, Lucy F.; More

PAIN. 156(2):328-334, February 2015.

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Selective melatonin MT2 receptor ligands relieve neuropathic pain through modulation of brainstem descending antinociceptive pathways

Lopez-Canul, Martha; Palazzo, Enza; Dominguez-Lopez, Sergio; More

PAIN. 156(2):305-317, February 2015.

  • Global Year

Deficient conditioned pain modulation after spinal cord injury correlates with clinical spontaneous pain measures

Albu, Sergiu; Gómez-Soriano, Julio; Avila-Martin, Gerardo; More

PAIN. 156(2):260-272, February 2015.

  • Global Year
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Somatosensory phenotype is associated with thalamic metabolites and pain intensity after spinal cord injury

Widerström-Noga, Eva; Cruz-Almeida, Yenisel; Felix, Elizabeth R.; More

PAIN. 156(1):166-174, January 2015.

  • Global Year

Results availability for analgesic device, complex regional pain syndrome, and post-stroke pain trials: comparing the RReADS, RReACT, and RReMiT databases

Dufka, Faustine L.; Munch, Troels; Dworkin, Robert H.; More

PAIN. 156(1):72-80, January 2015.

  • Global Year

Considerations for improving assay sensitivity in chronic pain clinical trials: IMMPACT recommendations

Dworkin, Robert H.; Turk, Dennis C.; Peirce-Sandner, Sarah; More

PAIN. 153(6):1148-1158, June 2012.

Sensory signs in complex regional pain syndrome and peripheral nerve injury

Gierthmühlen, Janne; Maier, Christoph; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN. 153(4):765-774, April 2012.

Engagement of descending inhibition from the rostral ventromedial medulla protects against chronic neuropathic pain

De Felice, Milena; Sanoja, Raul; Wang, Ruizhong; More

PAIN. 152(12):2701-2709, December 2011.

Genetic ablation of delta opioid receptors in nociceptive sensory neurons increases chronic pain and abolishes opioid analgesia

Gaveriaux-Ruff, Claire; Nozaki, Chihiro; Nadal, Xavier; More

PAIN. 152(6):1238-1248, June 2011.

Test–retest and interobserver reliability of quantitative sensory testing according to the protocol of the German Research Network on Neuropathic Pain (DFNS): A multi-centre study

Geber, Christian; Klein, Thomas; Azad, Shahnaz; More

PAIN. 152(3):548-556, March 2011.

NeuPSIG guidelines on neuropathic pain assessment

Haanpää, Maija; Attal, Nadine; Backonja, Miroslav; More

PAIN. 152(1):14-27, January 2011.

Quantitative sensory testing in the German Research Network on Neuropathic Pain (DFNS): Somatosensory abnormalities in 1236 patients with different neuropathic pain syndromes

Maier, C.; Baron, R.; Tölle, T. R.; More

PAIN. 150(3):439-450, September 2010.

“Evidence” in chronic pain – establishing best practice in the reporting of systematic reviews

Moore, Andrew R.; Eccleston, Christopher; Derry, Sheena; More

PAIN. 150(3):386-389, September 2010.

Validation of proposed diagnostic criteria (the “Budapest Criteria”) for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Harden, Norman R.; Bruehl, Stephen; Perez, Roberto S.G.M.; More

PAIN. 150(2):268-274, August 2010.

Sigma-1 receptors regulate activity-induced spinal sensitization and neuropathic pain after peripheral nerve injury

Puente, Beatriz de la; Nadal, Xavier; Portillo-Salido, Enrique; More

PAIN. 145(3):294-303, October 2009.

Development and initial validation of an expanded and revised version of the Short-form McGill Pain Questionnaire (SF-MPQ-2)

Dworkin, Robert H.; Turk, Dennis C.; Revicki, Dennis A.; More

PAIN. 144(1):35-42, July 2009.

Sigma-1 receptors are essential for capsaicin-induced mechanical hypersensitivity: Studies with selective sigma-1 ligands and sigma-1 knockout mice

Entrena, José Manuel; Cobos, Enrique José; Nieto, Francisco Rafael; More

PAIN. 143(3):252-261, June 2009.

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