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Erratum to: “Relief of postoperative pain with jaw relaxation, music and their combination” [Pain 81 (1999) 163-172]

Good, Mariona,*; Stanton-Hicks, Michaelb; Grass, Jeffrey A.b; Anderson, Gene Cranstona; Choi, Charlesc; Schoolmeesters, Laree J.a; Salman, Alia

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The Publisher regrets the error which occurred in Section 4.1 Support of theory, paragraph three, sentence three, of the original article. The corrected sentence is reproduced as follows.

Differences in pain of 4-10 mm found in this study are clinically significant, since relaxation, music and the combination consistently reduced both sensation and distress, two components of pain endured by patients; and also reduced heart and respiratory rates moderating sympathetic nervous system activity.

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