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A Randomized Controlled Trial of Balloon Dilation as a Treatment for Persistent Eustachian Tube Dysfunction With 1-Year Follow-Up

Meyer, Ted A.; O’Malley, Ellen M.; Schlosser, Rodney J.; More

Otology & Neurotology. 39(7):894-902, August 2018.

Long-term Communication Outcomes for Children Receiving Cochlear Implants Younger Than 12 Months: A Multicenter Study

Dettman, Shani Joy; Dowell, Richard Charles; Choo, Dawn; More

Otology & Neurotology. 37(2):e82-e95, February 2016.

American Neurotology Society, American Otological Society, and American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Foundation Guide to Enhance Otologic and Neurotologic Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kozin, Elliott D.; Remenschneider, Aaron K.; Blevins, Nikolas H.; More

Otology & Neurotology. 41(9):1163-1174, October 2020.

Efficacy and Safety of AM-111 in the Treatment of Acute Unilateral Sudden Deafness—A Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Phase 3 Study

Staecker, Hinrich; Jokovic, Galina; Karpishchenko, Sergey; More

Otology & Neurotology. 40(5):584-594, June 2019.

Auditory Performance in Recovered SARS-COV-2 Patients

Dror, Amiel A.; Kassis-Karayanni, Najla; Oved, Adi; More

Otology & Neurotology. 42(5):666-670, June 2021.

Establishing Genotype–phenotype Correlation in USH2A-related Disorders to Personalize Audiological Surveillance and Rehabilitation

Molina-Ramírez, Leslie P.; Lenassi, Eva; Ellingford, Jamie M.; More

Otology & Neurotology. 41(4):431-437, April 2020.

Hearing Protection, Restoration, and Regeneration: An Overview of Emerging Therapeutics for Inner Ear and Central Hearing Disorders

Schilder, Anne G. M.; Su, Matthew P.; Blackshaw, Helen; More

Otology & Neurotology. 40(5):559-570, June 2019.