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The American Otological Society

The mission of the American Otological Society, Inc., shall be

  • To advance and promote medical and surgical otology/neurotology including the rehabilitation of the hearing and balance impaired.
  • To encourage, promote, and sponsor research in otology/neurotology and related disciplines.
  • To conduct an annual meeting of the members for the presentation and discussion of scientific papers and the transaction of business affairs of the Society.
  • To publish the peer reviewed papers and discussions presented during the scientific program and the proceedings of the business meetings.
Educational Mission Statement
The Educational Mission of the American Otological Society is to foster dialog on, and dissemination of, information pertaining to advances in the understanding and management of otologic and neurotologic disorders.

Contact Information
Shirley Gossard, Administrator
American Otological Society, Inc.
3096 Riverdale Road
The Villages, FL 32162
Phone: 352-751-0932
Fax: 352-751-0696


The American Neurotology Society
The purposes of the American Neurotology Society shall be to:

  • Exchange and disseminate information about the physiology, pathology and clinical management of the sensorineural systems of audition and equilibrium.
  • Stimulate education, and basic and clinical research relating to these systems.
Continuing Medical Education Mission Statement
The Mission of the American Neurotology Society is:
  • To exchange and disseminate information about research pertaining to the clinical evaluation and management of the sensorineural systems of hearing and equilibrium. Included under this mantle are special auditory tests, auditory and other evoked responses, cochlear implantation, all aspects of the vestibular system, facial nerve disorders, intracranial complications of ear disease, congenital and acquired problems relating to both the ear and central nervous system, neoplastic disorders involving both ear and central nervous system, and pathological processes of the ear or skull base which involve the intracranial contents.
  • To stimulate education in basic and clinical research relating to these systems.

Kristen Bordignon
American Neurotology Society
315 N. Iris
Auburn, IL 62615
Phone: 217-638-0801
Fax: 217-438-6404

European Academy of Otology & Neurotology

Politzer Society


Japan Otological Society

Korean Otologic Society