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Nehne J., Saliba I. – Bilateral Simultaneous Caloric Test for Superior Semicicular Canal Evaluation 2011; 32


Vibert, Dominique; Miniconi, Pierre MD; Perrin, Philippe MD, PhD

Author Information
doi: 10.1097/MAO.0000000000000262
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To the Editors

The authors reported a new caloric test for measuring the reflexivity of each superior semicircular canal (SCC). They described step by step the technique of the “modified bilateral simultaneous caloric test” and compared the results of 24 individuals: 12 healthy subjects and 12 patients with unilateral dehiscence of the superior SCC who underwent a surgical obliteration of this canal. They measured a statistically significant difference of the mean intensity of the upbeating vertical nystagmus between the 2 groups of individuals (1).

The authors had the merit with this nice article to demonstrate the validity of this very elegant, simple, and costless technique by comparing the caloric response of the superior SCC within healthy subjects and within patients who selectively lost the function of the superior SCC after surgical obliteration.

However, the authors attributed to themselves this modified bilateral simultaneous caloric test, which is not the case. Pierre Miniconi ENT-practitioner in France presented this method in 2009 at the Congrès de la Société Française d’ORL in Paris (2) where the first author discussed directly with him. After this first contact, J. Nehme received from P. Miniconi all details, explanations, a videotape of the procedure for his first experiments. In such a case, the intellectual and scientific honesty was to mention P. Miniconi in the article. The fair play attitude would be to invite him as coauthor of the publication.

Dominique Vibert

Department of Otorhinolaryngology

Head and Neck Surgery

University Hospital (Inselspital) Berne


[email protected]

Pierre Miniconi MD

Cabinet ORL, Espace Saint André, Carpentras


Philippe Perrin MD, PhD

EA3450, DevAH, Université de Lorraine

Faculté de Médecine

UFR STAPS, Nancy, France


1. Nehme J, Saliba I. Bilateral simultaneous caloric test for superior semicircular canal evaluation. Otol Neurotol 2011; 32: 1473–1479.
2. Miniconi P. Proposition d’une nouvelle épreuve calorique permettant de tester la réflectivité des canaux antérieurs ainsi que la différence de réflectivité des canaux latéraux: épreuve calorique bilatérale simultanée positionnelle. 116e Congrès Sté Française d’ORL, chir. cervico-faciale, Paris 2009 : abst. 230.
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