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Stapedotomy for Tympanosclerotic Stapes Fixation: Is It Safe and Efficient? A Review of 68 Cases

Vincent, Robert*; Oates, John; Sperling, Neil M.


Objective Performing stapedotomy in cases of tympanosclerotic stapes fixation is controversial. The procedure is traditionally considered to carry a high risk of postoperative sensorineural hearing loss. The aim of this study was to report the hearing results in surgically treated cases of stapes fixation.

Study Design A retrospective review of tympanosclerosis of the oval window with stapes fixation.

Setting The study was performed at the Jean Causse Ear Clinic in Clombiers, France.

Patients Sixty-five patients who underwent surgery for tympanosclerotic stapes fixation between January 1992 and October 1999.

Intervention Stapedotomy with vein graft interposition and reconstruction with a Teflon piston, or a total prosthesis in cases of incudal erosion.

Main Outcome Measures Preoperative and postoperative audiometric evaluation using conventional audiometry. Air-bone gap, bone conduction threshold, air conduction threshold, and Glasgow Benefit Plot were measured.

Results Postoperative air-bone gap closure to within 10 dB was achieved in 39% of cases. An air-bone gap less than 20 dB was obtained in 70% of cases. Significant postoperative improvement of air conduction thresholds, more than 20 dB, was found in 46% of cases. The postoperative bone conduction thresholds were unchanged in 92% of cases. No significant sensorineural hearing loss was seen in this series.

Conclusion This series demonstrates that safe and successful stapedotomy is possible if certain rules are respected.

*Jean Causse Ear Clinic, Traverse de Béziers, Clombiers, France; †Queen's Hospital, Burton upon Trent, UK; and ‡Department of Otolaryngology, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA

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