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Fixation of intertrochanteric femur fractures using the SIGN intramedullary nail augmented by a lateral plate in a resource-limited setting without intraoperative fluoroscopy: assessment of functional outcomes at one-year follow-up at Juba Teaching Hospital

Areu, Mapuor M.M.; von Kaeppler, Ericka P.; Madison, Brian Billy; More

OTA International. 4(3):e133, September 2021.

Development of trauma systems in Europe—reports from England, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain

Chesser, Tim JS; Moran, Chris; Willett, Keith; More

OTA International. 2(S1):e019, March 2019.

Does formal vs home-based physical therapy predict outcomes after ankle fracture or ankle fracture-dislocation?

Ferguson, Chad M.; Harmer, Luke; Seymour, Rachel B.; More

OTA International. 2(2):e039, June 2019.

Hip fracture care—Latin America

Rojas, Luis Gerardo Padilla; Hernández, Sergio Quintero; Ávila, José María Jiménez; More

OTA International. 3(1):e064, March 2020.

CT scans better assess lateral wall morphology of “stable appearing” intertrochanteric (IT) femur fractures and predict early failure of sliding hip screw (SHS) fixation

Hecht, Garin; Saiz, Augustine M. Jr.; Shelton, Trevor J.; More

OTA International. 4(3):e140, September 2021.

Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) versus ORIF and primary subtalar arthrodesis for complex displaced intraarticular calcaneus fractures: An expected value decision analysis

Eisenstein, Emmanuel David; Kusnezov, Nicholas A.; Waterman, Brian R.; More

OTA International. 1(2):e005, September 2018.

Assessment of clinical and radiographic outcomes following retrograde versus antegrade nailing of infraisthmic femoral shaft fractures without the use of intraoperative fluoroscopy in Tanzania

von Kaeppler, Ericka P.; Donnelley, Claire A.; Roberts, Heather J.; More

OTA International. 4(2):e125, June 2021.

Satisfactory postoperative alignment following retrograde SIGN Fin nailing for femoral shaft fractures: A case–control study

Wilson, Nathaniel M.; Shaw, Jordan T.; Malaba, Mbonisi; More

OTA International. 2(3):e024, September 2019.

Is there a correlation between functional results and radiographic findings in patients with distal radius fracture A0 type A3 treated with volar locking plate or external fixator?

Ludvigsen, Trine; Matre, Kjell; Vetti, Nils; More

OTA International. 4(3):e142, September 2021.