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Open tibial shaft fracture management in Argentina: an evaluation of treatment standards in diverse resource settings

MacKechnie, Madeline C.; Albright, Patrick D.; Garabano, Germán; More

OTA International. 5(3):e209, September 2022.

Comparison of the Neer classification to the 2018 update of the Orthopedic Trauma Association/AO fracture classification for classifying proximal humerus fractures

Marmor, Meir T.; Agel, Julie; Dumpe, Jarrod; More

OTA International. 5(3):e200, September 2022.

Patients value their own pain over braking safety when deciding when to return to driving: a discrete choice experiment on lower extremity injuries

DeLeon, Genaro A.; Rolle, Nicholas P.; Burke, Cynthia E.; More

OTA International. 5(3):e206, September 2022.

Age and socioeconomic status affect access to telemedicine at an urban level 1 trauma center

Braswell, Matthew; Wally, Meghan K.; Kempton, Laurence B.; More

OTA International. 4(4):e155, December 2021.

Development of trauma systems in Europe—reports from England, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain

Chesser, Tim JS; Moran, Chris; Willett, Keith; More

OTA International. 2(S1):e019, March 2019.

Assessment of clinical and radiographic outcomes following retrograde versus antegrade nailing of infraisthmic femoral shaft fractures without the use of intraoperative fluoroscopy in Tanzania

von Kaeppler, Ericka P.; Donnelley, Claire A.; Roberts, Heather J.; More

OTA International. 4(2):e125, June 2021.

Fragility fracture systems, Latin America perspective

Rojas, Luis G. Padilla; Cervantes, Roberto E. López; Almejo, Leonardo López; More

OTA International. 5(3S):e178, June 2022.

Overview of fracture liaison services in the UK and Europe: standards, model of care, funding, and challenges

Chesser, Timothy J.S.; Javaid, Muhammad Kassim; Mohsin, Zaineb; More

OTA International. 5(3S):e198, June 2022.

Does formal vs home-based physical therapy predict outcomes after ankle fracture or ankle fracture-dislocation?

Ferguson, Chad M.; Harmer, Luke; Seymour, Rachel B.; More

OTA International. 2(2):e039, June 2019.