The Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA), in partnership with Wolters Kluwer, launched OTA International (OTAI) in October 2017. OTAI is an open access journal dedicated to advancing the field of orthopaedic trauma within a global setting, thereby optimizing care of the patient with musculoskeletal injuries and supporting strategies to reduce the global burden of musculoskeletal trauma. OTA International will foster knowledge and innovation, support research and education, and promote quality and good clinical practice in the field of orthopaedic trauma. The Journal will provide both scientific innovation and educational material, disseminate clinical trial information and registry data, and highlight key scientific advances presented at meetings held by global orthopaedic associations and trauma societies, as well as national and international orthopaedic trauma collaboratives.

The Journal has high standards of peer review set by exceptional leaders within the orthopaedic community which allows for an insightful approach to presenting significant developments in trauma surgery throughout the world. Contributions are welcome from surgeons and trauma clinicians, educators and researchers in all sub-specialty areas of orthopaedic trauma, basic science and biomechanics, quality and safety systems, population health, and health policy and economics relevant to orthopaedic trauma.