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Optometry and Vision Science (OVS) is the most authoritative source for current developments in optometry, physiological optics, and vision science. This frequently cited monthly scientific journal has served primary eye care practitioners for more than 95 years, promoting vital interdisciplinary exchange among optometrists and vision scientists worldwide.

OVS is an internationally recognized source for education and information on current discoveries in optometry, physiological optics, vision science, and related fields. Topical priorities include, but are not limited to: clinical and laboratory research, evidence-based reviews, contact lenses, ocular growth and refractive error development, eye movements, visual function and perception, biology of the eye and ocular disease, epidemiology and public health, biomedical optics and instrumentation, novel and important clinical observations and treatments, and optometric education.

Reputation & Recognition

In 2019, OVS published 286 papers that were cited 417 times, achieving and Impact Factor of 1.458. The top 3 articles contributing to the journal's 2019 Impact Factor:

1)     Walline, Jeffrey J.; Giannoni, Amber Gaume; Sinnott, Loraine T.; Chandler, Moriah A.; Huang, Juan et al.: A Randomized Trial of Soft Multifocal Contact Lenses for Myopia Control: Baseline Data and Methods

2)     Ostrin, Lisa A.: Objectively Measured Light Exposure in Emmetropic and Myopic Adults

3)     Giasson, Claude J.; Morency, Jeanne; Melillo, Marc; Michaud, Langis: Oxygen Tension Beneath Scleral Lenses of Different Clearances 

OVS' Cited Half-Life is 9.6. This is the median age of OVS articles that are cited. Published articles continue to be cited for 9.6 years, indicating the journal's success in publishing enduring material.

Stringent Peer Review: 27% of articles are accepted for publication in OVS

Authorship: 48.7% US, 51.3% International

Top 10 Contributing Countries: US, Australia, Canada, UK, Spain, China, Republic of Korea, India, Germany, & Hong Kong

Reach of OVS Content

Journal Reach: Nearly 10,000 subscribers receive OVS, including members of the American Academy of Optometry and online institutional subscribers.

Online Usage: In the past year, the OVS journal website has been visited more than 166,000 times, totaling more than 225,000 article views

International Readership: Top 10 Countries Accessing the Journal Online:
Individual & Member Access: US, India, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, China, Malaysia, Philippines
Institutional Access:  US, Australia, Canada, China, England, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, & UK

Highest Altmetric Scores:
399: Visually Evoked Potential Markers of Concussion History in Patients with Convergence Insufficiency
281: Blue-blocking Filters and Digital Eyestrain  
262: Spectral Evaluation of Eyeglass Blocking Efficiency of Ultraviolet/High-energy Visible Blue Light for Ocular Protection
249: The Safety of Soft Contact Lenses in Children
213: Impact of Dry Eye on Prolonged Reading

Hybrid Open Access: 64% of published OVS articles acknowledged a funding source. We offer an open access option for authors to fulfill their funder requirements by making their article freely available globally immediately upon publication for a fee of $2400 USD:  https://wkauthorservices.editage.com/open-access/hybrid.html

Authorship & Manuscript Preparation Services

Constructive and Timely Peer-Review
Review Speed: Average time to first decision: 7 weeks.
Publication Speed: Average time to online publication after acceptance: 5 weeks.

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