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Giving Thanks

Twa, Michael D.

Optometry and Vision Science: November 2019 - Volume 96 - Issue 11 - p 809
doi: 10.1097/OPX.0000000000001451

Editor in Chief, Houston, TX

November is a time of Thanksgiving, and in that spirit, I want to take a moment to express thanks and gratitude for the many individuals who contribute to this journal and make it possible to bring the journal to life each and every month. Since I have served as Editor in Chief, the journal has grown in staff. We have added two associate editors and a new assistant managing editor to support editorial office operations such as managing peer review, supervising journal production, and setting and implementing the journal's editorial policies.

Mr. Kurt Zadnik serves as the managing editor and is the main point of contact for all journal communications for authors, reviewers, and others reaching out to the journal from around the globe. Kurt works tirelessly to help bring the journal to life each and every month. For gracefully managing all of the last-minute changes, for answering all the questions that could not have been anticipated (or even imagined in some cases), and for his steadfast commitment to the quality of the journal for so many years, I am thankful. The associate editors, Dr. Donald Mutti and Dr. Thomas Raasch, have been great additions to the editorial office team. Their high standards for publication and keen eye for good science are helping continually improve the quality of content that is published in Optometry and Vision Science. Thanks to each of them for setting the standards high and for contributing with grace and good humor.

Optometry and Vision Science has eight editorial board members, 10 topical editors, and 28 associate topical editors (Table 1). This part of the editorial team dedicates their effort to managing the peer review process—the life blood of any scientific journal. Optometry and Vision Science engaged nearly 450 different reviewers last year, and that team has been outstanding. With their collective help, the journal has reduced the number of days required to complete peer reviews. As the number of submissions continues to rise, reviewers and topical editors are rendering more decisions faster than ever and they are getting it right. The number of citations to the articles they recommended for publication in Optometry and Vision Science is just one indication of the quality of the articles we publish, and this metric continues to increase, as it has for the past 3 years. The journal's rank among other titles in ophthalmology and optometry journals also continues to increase, and none of this would be possible without the dedicated work of our topical editors and peer reviewers.



Thanks to each and every one of you who have helped advance the journal and our profession through your contributions of time and talent over this past year. Thank you!

Michael D. Twa

Editor in Chief

Houston, TX

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